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Give Back Special: Tell us about your build Get $50

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    Give Back Special: Tell us about your build Get $50

    One of the best ways new builders can make a DIY ebike is by following the lead of other builders who have built an ebike based on the same donor bike.

    Just today I did a pictorial of all the ebike build reports done so far on our new forum here and thought wow this is fantastic:

    We need more build reports on different types of bikes and its time we give back to the community.

    So we are offering a $50 Luna store credit to current and future Luna Customers who join our forum and post a build report on the ebike you built with our kit. To quality you must have bought your kit From Luna. You can also buy a kit now from luna and write the build report as you build it and we will get you the 50 dollar credit when you finish.

    Please join our forum and post pictures of your bike and your build report here:

    After you have made the thread email for approval.

    Your build report should have pictures, price list of the components you spent, any difficulties you had when putting your kit together... and if you like maybe even a video or a ride report :) We realize for most of you your build is already done...but just tell us what you remember about building your bike and any difficulties you had. And document with pictures and stories how the ebike is working out.

    As long as it is a well documented report you score the $50.

    Your report will help pave the way for future riders plus score yourself $50 in Luna Credit to better your bike. Also you can join our community of builders and riders on the Luna forum which is turning into a fantastic group of people.

    Any extra special reports that are written extra good will be published on and earn $150 store credit like this one did:

    Which leads to another subject, is always looking for content writers to join our team, and if you have any ideas for stories you want to sell us or you want to join our staff as a part time writer, please email me back. We are in great need of quality writers to help with enlightening the way to new builders.

    Thank you everyone for being innovators in the brand new and exciting ebike scene.


    I want to buy a 52v triangle 17.5 battery - did I earn the $50 credit?
    If so is there a code I use at checkout?


    • paxtana
      paxtana commented
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      Sure I just emailed it to you

    Thank You so much :-)
    I just went and put money on card and made my order for 17.5ah 52v triangle.


      Hey guys we have given back $3000 so far....and its the best $3000 i spend all summer.

      I am really proud of how amazing that section is looking with all the new build threads in it.

      I really want you guys to know we are really loyal to you.....and its not just about the money.

      Please spend the 50 bucks on a good thing....

      for those that did not get the 50 dollar credit...please give us a day or two....before emailing or messaging us....

      we are going to make a webform to make this easier to administrate.

      I also was trying to think of a way to take it to the next level...that if you refer someone to your bike build and they end up building the same bike and buying from us a complete kit we give you a $100 store credit....something like that.... just an idea I am playing with and trying to figure out a way to make it work.


        Hi. I've sent several private messages inquiring how to get the credit for my build report here.

        This morning, I finally finished up my BBSHD build on a brand new Motobecane Fantom29 TRAIL 29er. It

        Looking forward to doing some more shopping at Thanks.


        • Eric Luna
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          ok we will do another round of credit this weekend.

        Hey anyone who has not got their store credit who has done a full build thread....please submit your link to your build thread to .. Be sure to give us a link to the thread so we can check it out.... then we will issue the 50 dollar credit and then email you once we have done it.


          Here's my winter build:


          • paxtana
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            Nice one, full suspension and folding! You can email us a link to the thread along with your order number and we will post the credit to you. Also please make sure that you link to the thread in the main bbsxx build instructions thread along with a single picture of the bike

          Here is my recent build report on a 2013 Trek Marlin with a BBSHD Kit from Luna:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170312_165933_951.jpg
Views:	710
Size:	2.91 MB
ID:	30225


            Hey Eric,

            I was in contact with you via PM about the credit over 6 months ago now. I've tried contacting you every few weeks via the PM that we had going, but no reply now to my numerous PMs. How can I a follow through on your saying you'd give me the credit for my build post. I'd like to make a purchase and use the credit.

            Should I be contacting someone else?
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            I have done three bike builds and write ups in four days (I need a life). Paxtana, PM sent



            Congratulations, you just gave birth to a 53 pound electric pit bike! {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","data


              We are bringing back this a build report on your bbshd or bbs02 with pics and write up... tell us what you had to do to get your kit to fit...spacers etc... and earn a 50 dollar luna credit.


                Click image for larger version

Name:	0D17AD8C-8850-441B-BE67-A434E5D00587.jpeg
Views:	686
Size:	2.16 MB
ID:	99747Click image for larger version

Name:	83FF648D-DB97-43DD-AC59-A6495B64CA47.jpeg
Views:	694
Size:	2.19 MB
ID:	99746 Just got my Luna Wolf installed on the TrioBike cargo with Bafang hub motor. Bike started out with full BionX setup. Motor died first after 8k miles. Unfortunately this was right around the time the company went out of business in 2018. I got the bafang setup with wheel on amazon and proceeded to adapt the Bionx battery. The battery’s lasted another 4K miles but finally got too low to do my 32 mile commute. This new battery looking sharp! Would love to get a second charger for keeping at work.


                  Eric, where do you want the build report posted?


                    Is this program still going? I wouldn't mind $50 off my next order. Just waiting for things to come back in stock.


                    • 73Eldo
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                      Guessing this is no longer an active program since its been almost 3 years since any official reply and the 3 replies since have gone apparently got no response. Gonna have to trim my wish list down a bit I think. At least they got the review thing going on their online store but its kinda a clunky process to go through and really gets messy if you had more than one order because it must have some sort of time out then it gets really confused and sort of blends your reviews so you look like an idiot and waste time. My first one got posed with the wrong pictures and the second one which really seemed like it had to be paid just disappeared. I was really proud of that one with all the links to other luna products it had.