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"two" 2017 Giant Trance 2 with Luna BBSHD and Luna Wolf Batteries MJ1, 500c

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    "two" 2017 Giant Trance 2 with Luna BBSHD and Luna Wolf Batteries MJ1, 500c

    I have two Giant Trance 2's Medium frame's with Luna kits installed, Maxis 2.6" tubeless tires, Socal 91709 pickup only.

    $2,500 for non post older clear MJ1 battery (10 cycles) with decent dents on top post, 155 arms but have originals

    $2,700 with dropper post and newer black MJ1 battery maybe 2 cycles

    ​​​​​​​If you have any more questions PM me, thank you -J

    The two Green bikes
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      Please feel free to submit offers and thank you
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        Hi, I am a dumb spammer that thinks they can post whatever they want on this forum, because I am a parasite! I just got the keywords for the website I was advertising added to a blacklist because I suck so much, isn't that great?
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          I was confused by this till I caught the 'last edited by paxtana' at the bottom.

          Still a little odd but maybe as an admin just has to mix it up a bit? Or has he been hacked? Or have I?

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          Sometimes it is good to send a message beyond simply banning them. Or at least it is good for my mental health lol

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          Hahaha, just about spit up my tea =]