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Luna Cycle Looking for Team Members

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    Luna Cycle Looking for Team Members

    Luna Cycles is looking for part-time or full-time people to help with customer support.

    I started the retail site Luna Cycles a short time ago, but we have grown very fast. We knew when we were starting out that we wanted our customer service to be very good. We are doing the best that we can, but...we can do better, and we will do better.

    It would be great if we could find enough people who were passionate about ebikes in southern California, but we also know that there are some great ebikers across the country who might be perfect for this, so we have been adding a system to our customer support that allows someone to provide live chat, or by email or by phone, from their home. This will allow our CS personnel to live anywhere in the US, and still participate in rapidly managing support request from customers.

    We don't want to be "just as good" as other ebike companies, we want to be the best. We know that accomplishing that will be hard work. If you have good communication skills, know your stuff about ebikes, and been in the coummunity awhile, and you think you might want to give this a shot, send me a PM or an email at eric at


    It looks like you can't accept a PM, but I sent you an email.


      Sadly I don't think I can work for you guys :( otherwise I would likely apply in a heartbeat.
      Improvements in customer service will come from customer feedback (naturally).
      If you haven't already, maybe consider providing a place for customer feedback. For example with every receipt/order conf. email you send, include a link for feedback at the bottom. Hope for the best but be prepared for worse as some people are not very kind with their feedback but sometimes those are the best ones to consider. If you notice the same unsavory feedback popping up again and again, adjustments can be made to fix it. Make it a point to have a rep. personally reach out to those who may be upset etc..