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    Luna Cycle hiring

    HI Guys,

    A lot of you know luna cycle and know what we are doing and what we are pulling off. Which is finally offering affordable quality DIY products at a great price.

    I think we are changing the game...but I want to do all the above and still offer awesome customer service.

    Lately I have decided that i want our customer service to be the best. Our phone support is not what it should be....and Louis gets buried in emails so we cant get people the instant answers they want.

    Just today we have taken the phone support number off the website until we have a solution. We are hoping great live chat and email support can make up for not having a phone for the time being.

    We have brought up a live chat and i have started manning it myself and I love it...but again i am getting buried. The problem is i can do nothing but answer live chats and emails all day and there is other stufff i need to do like make sure everything else at Luna Cycles is running like a clock.

    I want someone for customer serviice at least as good as i am to answer customer service inquires in both live chat and email...otherwise i am going to be chained to this computer day and night. I think beating me is easy...since i make a lot of misspellings and am too direct. But honestly i think anyone with good knowledge of our products and good with people and typing should be great.

    SInce i want our customer service to be at a high level....and i will stay at my computer until i find someone really awesome to answer live chats and emails.

    This is a paying gig....and i can pay a fair price. You get to work at home and be part of a company that really has a vision to make electric bikes more awesome and more affordable to everyone.

    Please message me or answer this thread if you are interested. This forum was made as way to make out support better...and i am thankful to so many of you guys for really providing so much valuable information here and i am hoping one of you has time or needs a job and can join us.

    I am not kidding we need help....we get 100s of inquiries a day.... whoever it is will not be alone. You will be joining a team..and we will work together to answer all the inquiries. So if there is something you cannot answer you can just forward it to one of us.

    Also i need content writers (also a paying gig) but that is a different post :)

    Now that I've read this post I feel bad for commenting on how bad your phone service was when I first ordered my Dolphin Pack. Forgive me…growing pains are tough to deal with. Anyway, wish I could help out since I'm a salesman at a bike shop part time and now I'm a "full blown" e-bike commuter but my teaching job would take too much of my time during the day.


      You got PM, Eric.

      Alpha One 6000W tadpole e-Trike (Cyclone):
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        Hi Eric, I'm in Massachusetts so the time shift would be good to expand your support window without making folks get up at 3 AM. Retired Network SysAdmin, including Head of IT support for large ski resort. long distance bicycle tourist and eBike convert. Have experience with eMail and Chat support systems, internal ticketing system and response time and resolution software metrics. I also have redundant high speed connections so my up time is essentially 100%. PM me or drop me an email and Ill give you my phone#, let's chat.


          Hey guys we are still looking for team members.

          We need a person who is very ebike knowledgeable and who can write well and type fast. I have messaged everyone who responded above. Email me at eric at electric bike dot com for a faster response.


            Keep a track of all the questions and start to build a comprehensive easy to navigate FAQ on the site. It will reduce the amount of time you put in to answering the same questions over and over again. It also creates a cut and paste resource library to use for answering emails.


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              nice idea..exactly what we have been doing with the knowledge base.

            Originally posted by Eric Luna View Post
            Hey guys we are still looking for team members.
            We need a person who is very ebike knowledgeable and who can write well and type fast. I have messaged everyone who responded above. Email me at eric at electric bike dot com for a faster response.
            i would love to signup someday but now i consider my self as an ebike noob :(


              This thread is over a year old. Hopefully they caught up or worst case they got more behind.
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                I'm a first time customer of Luna as of 3/18 and have found their customer support to be timely and helpful. On multiple occasions my email was answered within 24 hours.
                They look to be a thought leader in the industry, and like many leaders, are not really "business" focused. The fact that they would make a special effort to focus on customer service is commendable.
                When I watch the basic videos they produce, I can only image the possibilities of the company if they had an aggressive marketing plan. This would make a great MBA project for someone interested in personal EV's. I have a Light Bee, and just saw their scooter which puts my 16 year old Go-Ped EX to shame.


                  Thank you for the kind words Chris.

                  We are indeed still looking for an additional customer support agent especially now that it is almost summer, our busiest season.

                  We are very thankful to have an amazing support team of people who know what they're talking about but I would ideally like to improve our response time.

                  If anyone would like to work with Luna please do let us know, anyone is welcome to PM me personally if interested.