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    Battery monitoring advise / Eggrider

    Hi all,

    can anyone advise on how best to accurately read remaining battery life, and monitor the overall health / performance of the battery?

    I have a 52v / 15ah battery (Samsung 30Q cells) running with my BBSHD, both coming up to 1 year old and have been using Monday-Friday for a 24 mile round trip commute. For most of these months, I’ve been charging to full using a charger at work, then charging to full and leaving overnight to balance charge at home. I’m using heavy PAS and lots of throttle, so the battery is probably getting down to around 65% (estimate) before each charge. I do occasionally run it lower by doing a round trip before then charging it slowly to maximum at 1A on the Luna charger i keep at work.

    Now after 6 weeks of not being used during lockdown, and a few rides in, I decided to do a round trip and the system shut down 10 minutes into the return trip. I can usually do almost 4 of these 12 mile trips on a full charge.

    Now i’d like to Monitor the battery accurately to see what’s going on and avoid running out again.

    I have a voltmeter, but would like something on the bike ideally.

    Would a Batt-man be recommended if I already have an EggRider V2?

    Is there a way to accurately monitor the battery life using EggRider (ie. Accurate reading of voltage) by calibrating and entering custom settings into the EggRider after using a voltmeter?

    It would be great to have a way of doing this without having an extra thing visible on the bike, as it’s looking very discreet right now with the EggRider.

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    Here is a sample of the "2 wire meters" sold on Ebay that I used. Just $2 -$3. They come in RED, BLUE, GREEN or YELLOW. Just mount the meter somewhere handy like your handle bars or downtube. Connect the meter to your battery via inside the battery cradle or charge plug, or however. Either wire it directly to the battery connections ( always on when battery is installed) or install a momentary switch somewhere in the circuit like I did. Maybe avoid the battery cradle by just putting a plug on its end, so all you need to do is plug it into the batteries charging port, once the battery is on the bike. ( Unplug to remove the battery. ) Easy-peasy! I even made a "portable" meter to just plug in and check the voltage whenever I want to. The last photo is of my "version 1" meter attached to my display. Hope this helps! Kerry




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