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    DIY Kit advice needed

    So what I want to do is DIY my current bike (Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon) to electric pedal assist, so I can get back to trail riding.

    so here’s some initial questions that I hope can be answered:

    Ive heard that carbon can be an issue and that worries me somewhat. My bike was engineered for human power and I worry that the motor torque and placement could stress frame

    Im looking for something that would give me and extra boost when going up hill and occasionally on trails when I want it. I’m perfectly fine with a motor that will only top out at 35kmh and don’t need to motor up hills, but a boost to get up.

    I rode an Elby bike up a steep hill here (8% grade) and that was great. Although, this was on road not on steep rooty, rocky single track.

    I want to ‘pedal’ and get some exercise, but don’t want a heart attack on uphills. I’m also out of shape and want to loose some lbs.

    That being said, what would be a good balance between weight saving an making sure I don’t run out of power after a couple hours riding like this?

    Concerned about downtube mounting as would that put additional stress on frame when bumping over logs?

    My bike currently weighs about 23lbs and ideally I’d like to keep the weight to sub 40, but max of 42 or so.

    My budget is around 1.5k CDN / 1.2 USD / 1 EURO

    Mechanically inclined

    Thanks and hello, Matt