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Luna wolf pack reading less than 58.8 more like 58.2-6

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    Luna wolf pack reading less than 58.8 more like 58.2-6

    Hey guys, I recently purchased the BBSHD kit from Luna with the 13.5 wolf pack! (killer set up and Luna was awesome)

    I was having some weird readings with the first charger when testing with the multi meter. The battery would only charge to 58.6 which is in the ok range but when plugged into the mighty mini display would drop to 58.2-3. Luna sent me a new charger and it tested at 58.8 volts output. It will charge the battery and turn green. I test the battery and it reads 58.6 I plug it in and it drops to 58.1-4 but settles on 58.1 test it with multi and it will read the same 58.2-4 v .

    I let it rest an hr or two before charging and then at least an hour after charging. The pack seems strong and I get plenty of power but am worried it might end in an early death. Is this normal? from anyones experience? Does the display suck volts a little? Its only been charged about 6 times.... I love the BBSHD though !

    My year old pack with 1500+ miles, after a full charge cycle and "rest" period before testing, settles in around 58.4v. Thats pretty darn good for how hard I pushed that pack. At new it was always nailing and sustaining 58.8v even after a 30 min rest before testing. I did have a few instances where my CHARGER was not putting out 58.8v, so the pack could never reach a true full charge. The charger was only putting out 57.5v!!! Since I carry my charger in one of the saddlebags of my bike, I thought it could be due to vibration. Upon opening I noticed the small dab of white silicon they put on the voltage potentiometer had been vibrated loose. I adjusted the dial on it until it read 58.8v on the multimeter, and put a dab of silicon on the dial. Have not had an issue since. Being a new pack, I would expect to hit 58.7 and maintain that for at least a few hours with no sag. The displays on the BBSHD kits are notoriously bad at being accurate. I would go with the multimeter reading. Even when I had 58.8v consistently on my pack, the display always read .1-.6v off.


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      Thank your for your input man!!! I will look into this!!! I love the pack and hoe to have as good of luck as you!!

    Actually upon further testing with the new charger it will read 58.8 but then will jump wildly all over the place. some times not reading. It may be defunct.