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    Bafang Cable Extensions

    Working on my BBS02 Townie build (I'll do a write up on it when it's done with pics) and I've run into an issue with the length of the harness. I'm guessing most of my issue is due to the fact I had to have mini ape hangers over the stock which raises the handlebars approximately 5-6 inches. Couple pics here... note my awesome skills in drawing arrows.

    Click image for larger version

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    No way to tie cables at the handlebars right now, they just hang in space.

    No way to tie the main harness to the frame, also hangs in space.

    I see three options:
    1. Purchase the harness extension so that at least I can get a clean run tied around the tubes from motor to handlebars.
    2. Purchase the brake/throttle extension(s) and hope that will also give me room to tie down the harness in the triangle area. Here I would need at least 1 brake and 1 throttle... a second brake if I'm hellbent on having both handbrakes cutting off the motor. Ack, these are 40" which is overkill for me.
    3. Bite the bullet and do both.

    The fourth option of course would be to solder something. This would probably be the cleanest and cheapest option as I could splice in a cable (I assume 5 wire?) where I want at the length I want. However I've never soldered before and I'm pretty sure the soldering I plan on doing at the battery/controller will challenge me LOL.

    Will the display cable reach if I go with route #2? I'll have to look a little harder on that one.

    Is there a better way to fix this? I'd love to hear what you all think :D
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    I had to xtend all my wires like you due to ape hangers. I chose to cut & solder then shrink wrap. All lines were 3 wire accept for controller which is numerous little wires (can't rmbr something like 5-7). Not too difficult but definitely more work than the rest. That said I wouldn't hesitate to do it again, fairly easy, didn't take too long & the shrink wrap gives it a clean look.


      Thanks for the input, Tonk :) I think I better go ahead and order the extensions because I really don't think I can do an adequate soldering job without ruining the existing cables. I just have to do a few more measurements and figure out what exactly I need to order.


        I'd go the longer harness. I have one as that's what used to be sent with early BBS series motors. A majority of us then had big wire bundles to deal with if we didn't want to cut and solder.


          I just ordered brake/throttle extensions. I did a "test fit" of all the kit pieces again last night and it looks like I don't need the harness extender. Getting the brakes and throttle down a ways also brings the harness down to a manageable point in the triangle. Thanks for the help!