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Shipping & handling : what should I expect from Luna Cycle ?

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    Shipping & handling : what should I expect from Luna Cycle ?

    Few basic questions : as first time bbshd kit buyer ;

    Example :
    Will kit come all together delivered to door,
    or will I have to go to a shipping facility for pickup of separate parts ?

    What are some things I can do to avoid miscommunication about my order?

    I got a confirmation when the order was placed a few days ago ;
    how many follow up emails should I expect about order status ?

    Whens an appropriate scenario to email back ?

    What's been your experience ?

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    ( Update :
    Kit arrived on time and I have it secure .

    Be aware if you live in a city building :

    However I did not get a door ring ;
    FedEx did not attempt to get my signature .

    FedEx driver left the battery and kit at the building entrance in the hall away from my apartment down a couple of floors .

    I was informed by Email the package was delivered.
    Only then did I realize were it was after a short search .

    The Email stated the packaged was signed by " CCOVID " ...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	delivered.PNG Views:	0 Size:	2.1 KB ID:	128445
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    Whether it is multi part shipment depends upon what was ordered, for example batteries are often split and sent in a separate box as part of a multi-piece shipment using a master tracking number. Usually delivered either on same day or a day before/later. No you would not have to go to a shipping facility to pick up typically.

    To avoid miscommunication you might double check the address you entered is correct.

    When label is printed an update email with tracking will be sent, typically updates a day or so later after picked up, though can vary depending on what you ordered.

    This would describe appropriate scenarios to email back, though there are probably others.


      You could get unlucky and that 'or so' ends up falling over a weekend. I think I got my kit on a Thursday and the battery didn't come till Monday. It was my 2nd build so I had a battery to test with but there was no first weekend ride together. I was so excited to get started I didn't even notice I didn't have the battery at first. I was pretty far into the build before I noticed.


        You're right my mistake, the official timelines for something complex like a kit are a bit longer as noted here
        That said, typically a good portion of that lead time is pre-prep prior to tracking going out, stuff like secondary fraud checks due to the high value of the equipment on order.


          I have ordered a few items from Luna and their spaceman notification email telling me my stuff had arrived got to me a couple days after actually receiving the items.
          In all cases I received my parts before I was expecting them.


            Why does luna not have a certificate of origin for there ebike parts, ups is holding my order into canada , until luna supplies one , jNow what


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              UPS has never asked for a COA to import parts before, maybe you should email support so we can speak with ups on your behalf

            Also need the password to the download for my X1 - for the besst tool, who has that info?


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              You can ask support or pm me for this