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    Dumb one.

    Thinking of building a bike with the BBSHD. Do I need a steel frame bike to start with? Is aluminum a no-no?

    Aluminum is fine - here's an old picture of my build... one of these days I'll get a more recent picture (click on it for full size):

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks AZguy!


        Lots of people have done steel and aluminum. Carbon is where there are some special concerns.

        I think it really depends on what you plan to do with the bike and your size. I currently have 2 bikes I ride regularly one is steel and one is aluminum. Both bikes are pushing 75 pounds ready to ride and I'm in the 250 range so that is a lot of weight to be rolling around. The steel bike is a Surly and is the one I pound on the trails. I like the feel of steel and knowing that its likely just going to bend rather than snap if I do push it to far. My aluminum one is a $400 walmart Schwinn and I don't think I would trust that to bang around the kit plus my weight on the trails but I think it will be Ok for riding ont he streets which is what I do with that one. Now maybe a Salsa aluminum frame would be a different story but its still a lot of weight. If you only weigh 125 thats a whole different story.

        Older bikes/designs that had 2x or 3x drives generally don't have the clearance issues that newer 1x and fat tire stuff often does. Older bikes often don't have disc brakes which are not very practical to convert to and darn near a requirement if you are thinking of going faster than normal bike speeds. Full suspension bikes are often tricky because you don't usually have room in the triangle for a battery and sometimes the pivots cause clearance issues.