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How to get plates for Sur-ron? Los Angeles

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    How to get plates for Sur-ron? Los Angeles

    Want to buy a surron year 22 as I only drive about 16miles total a day from school/work/gym I want to replace my truck commute with an electric cycle, I dont care to physically pedal which is why I want a surron. Ive been reading and some people have been denied a moped license. I know if I ride this on the street in the bike lane i will only top out at no more than 20mph. I am not a reckless driver, I dont want to ride in between cars just wana drive in the bike lane or to the far right. Should i just order it and drive till i get stopped by a cop? I see people tried to get a moped license but denied? I dont wana register it as a motorcycle cus i dont wana drive with the cars, just wana be as far to the right. Thanks for your help.

    I would read this thread in particular.

    Got a letter about a week ago from the Ca DMV denying my Moped application. They stated that the bike is more than 4HP and faster than 30 MPH. Thoughts?

    Seems hit or miss but at least some people have had success and there seems to be a method outlined in this thread that has been successful. Personally i would just put pedals on it and not use the pedals, the kaniwaba pedals seem useful in that regard and laws on this kind of thing are rarely enforced anyway


      Just curious if your goal is city commuting why did you choose a sur ron over a more traditional looking E bike? Or do you plan to hit the trails on your days off? From what I have just casually read on the subject having plates kinda locks you into having to be on the roads and out of may other places. If you have plates there are a lot of places you are not supposed to go which can take away some of the advantage of bike commuting like short cuts through parks or pedestrian bridges. At least a bicycle can usually ride all those places in addition to the streets.

      Many of us are likely technically not legal but haven't and don't expect to have any issues because we are trying to just blend in by looking and acting like regular bicycles when we are around other bikes or places were people expect bikes to be.


        I agree with the guys above, I also wanted to buy sur ron to drive my way to college faster, but there is no sense in it


          Luna sells a great Bicycle that will get you 20 mi and goes 25 mph for first half of the battery and you don't HAVE to pedal for that. I'm an extreme right edge rider -trust nothing, and with some badger's grippin the earth and fearless of flats, I head for the shoulder and farther quite often. Modded up right, the Eclipse is extremely rugged, capable and very nimble

          Every now and then I'll hear a stone ping off the side of a car going around me and smile, knowing the lugs on the sidewalls of the super 73's are worth every penny they cost me!

          My version of a car tag keep away ride:

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