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Controller needed for 500W Bafang BPM hub motor

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  • stts
    • KT Series controller, 36V/ 48V 250W/ 350W/ 500W/ 750W/ 1000W, support LED, LCD3, LCD5 etc.
    • Square wave control also working when the motor hall damage.
    ​You have a sensorless 3 phase motor. It says in the ad that your controller works with a damaged sensor. That means a sensor that aint there. The same as the motor you got. Unless its false advertising, then it should run the motor you have. But there are problems of very poor opperating instructions. Either you dont have the proper instructions, or you will have to buy another controller with a quarantee of money back if you cant get it to work. These controllers are not really made for people that cant figure things out. Thats why they are not on Walmart store shelves.

    Here is another controller that says its a sensorless controller. They have 36 and 48v version. It may work better and have clearer instructions.

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  • Controller needed for 500W Bafang BPM hub motor

    Hi, can anyone tell me which controller I need to purchase for a Bafang 500W BPM hub motor as there are loads out there and when I ask if they are compatible with my hub I’m told there not ! I bought a controller ref KT36/48ZWSRM. 36-48V max current 22 +/- 1A , but this does not work with this hub ! Can anyone help ?