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    Polaris ebike component's

    I recently bought a pim powered Polaris ebike battery was bad I fix that problem but didn't notice it had no display they are (Polaris) out of business and can't seem to find out where or what other brand display would work in ole man just learning these electrical systems can anybody hel pp me so I don't take a loss on purchase it's like brand new hate to scrape something still good

    Hello. Bummer your new to eBikes and end up with a brand that is defunct. I looked up PIM and they quit making these and even renamed the company to divorce themselves from these bikes. So spare parts are very difficult to find. A video I saw shows that the display is a design that does not operate like the standard displays that are available. So this bike brand will have to be refitted with standard controls to use the available standard displays. Another alternative is to contact folks on the forum that has PIM ebike users on it. Some even have contact with the renamed company for ideas on replacement parts. Heres the forum link and do a forum search as there are tidbits about PIM bikes sprinkled all thru their forum.

    Thats about all there is on PIM eBikes. There is another site for PIM bikes and they actually build wooden bikes that are very light weight. Its one of those environmental green companies. I guess if it breaks when crossing the railroad tracks, you can just Elmers glue it back together again.

    You can also watch on Ebay to see if a used display comes up for sale. Other people may be parting these bikes out. You can try the same thing to get some of your money back. Good luck on this.