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Looking to buy a folding electric bike in the UK

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    Looking to buy a folding electric bike in the UK

    Hi there

    I"m looking to buy a folding electric bike.

    Ideally I'd like it to have lights front and back, suspension (front and rear of possible), a UK three pin plug on the charger and have 20" wheels. Probably in the £1000 price range.

    Can anyone make any recommendations?

    Many thanks

    There is just so much junk out there that lots of people here are DIYers that build their own. But there are quality eBikes to be had. You just have to do a ton of research. Like finding bikes in your area to actually look at, so you can see first hand how they are. Newbies should always see and ride before they hunt for mail order. Some folders are light weight and some you can barely lift. Stuff like that. Then look on Amazon to check out a bike you like to see what the reviews say. I always look at Amazon reviews on all stuff I buy. Because there are very few service centers when something goes wrong with eBikes.


      First, welcome to the forum. To echo stts's "junk" take, at/in the £1000/$1200usd price range you'll not find much of anything of any quality - especially with suspension worthy of the word.

      With your terrain, I would have suggested considering the Luna Eclipse folder at approx. £1150, but Luna doesn't ship bikes overseas, AFAIK - but maybe you have a way to work around this. The next stop thought-wise is the (no suspension) Rad Power 20" folder, at £1899 - from another long-standing and known entity company, and that probably can handle the charger power plug.

      Another place to gauge owners' takes on bikes/companies is the EBR forum brand/user forums.

      As DIYers, our way to accomplish the deed would be to first find an analog (non-electric) bike fitting your needs, then research the potentials for motorizing it (what motors (hub or preferably mid) can be fitted) - if you find a match, then order up everything. Note that DIY is not all roses - possibly new tools and skills will be needed, risks are involved, some headaches and bruises will occur, and you alone are the warranty department, usually.
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