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Diy electric and gas bike can I have both??

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    Diy electric and gas bike can I have both??

    I have a question I have a bmx bike and new to this but was wondering can I make my front wheel electric with front wheel kit. And make my back wheel gas powered so that I can switch options when needed. Like only use electric when trying to keep quiet as much as I can and only using gas for long distance.. is that possible? It's something I really want to put together . I know I'll have to hold the clutch while riding electric to free the gas wheel.. but is it do able,? Like have the electric handle throttle on left and gas handle on right. I know having electric handle left I'll have to turn it the opposite way since I'm sure they only make them for the right handle. But never put anything had or electric together so I'm here asking you all that have done it. Sorry if it stupid question I just think having both options would benefit my life style

    #2 Are the people to go to for quality and knowledge when it comes to hub motors. Note that if you order from them to the USA there is a surcharge for the batteries but when I have compared even with the surcharge they were still competitive for a quality product. Also right now one USD is about $1.33 CA so I guess that could be good for us?

    What you are thinking sounds totally possible to me but I have to ask why? A front hub motor can be a totally stand alone system and causes very little drag when not in use and leaves the pedals and rear open to me modified as needed for the gas motor.

    What sort of budget are you hoping to work with for all the motor parts? Or do you already have the gas one installed?

    What sort of distance do you consider long that you were going to be running on the gas? And what sort of speed and terrain? And roughly what sort of weight are we talking with you and cargo?

    $1500 will get you a motor that can get you over 20 mph and a battery that would get you at least 20 miles. The range is hard to gauge since there are so many variables. In the USA batteries are often rated in Amp hours. 12 amp hours is about as small as you usually see on a mid powered motor like 500-1000 watts and I like to use 2 miles per amp hour as a rough guide. This means a 750w motor with a 12ah battery should pretty easily go 24 miles with some room to spare. If you are a lighter weight person putting in some pedal effort on flat ground like rails to trails and only 13 mph you may get 40+ miles out of that same rig. IF you are on the heavy side throttle only stop start and want to maintain 20+ mph you may only get 10 miles. Lots of variables.

    If you already own the gas motor and want to go really cheap I think you can get some questionable quality front hub kits from questionable suppliers for $600 so maybe? But for $1000 you may be able to get a little more power, range, and quality. Like I said $1500 gets to decent stuff in either a mid drive or hub motor. Don' those cheapo gas kits cost like $500? If you only need to go say 20 miles between charges I would just go all electric.

    Another question is where are you going to ride this rig? Technically may of the e builds are not strictly legal to ride in many places but you have a really good chance of going stealth with an E build. With gas I don't think there is any chance of stealth so much better chance of annoying people that could make your life difficult.