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Van stolen- need large battery for ebike!

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    A lot of the displays don't play well with 52V. They don't show battery status correctly.
    I din't do the wooden guide but wished I had. A strip of 1x2 with a line down the center, drill 2 holes to match the water bottle holes, and 2 more on center line to guide the drill. Bolt it down and drill you starter holes, open up the holes, and repeat. On round tubing the drill will be touching in 2 places and pulling in opposite directions. Not likely to stay where you want it. especuially at 9-10mm holes the inserts need.
    On that bike I tapped one water bottle hole to M6 and out a stud in there with large ss flat washers and a nylock nut for a pivot. 2 3/8" flat washers were JB Welded over the water bottle fitting to create a platform. The battery pivots out to the side by sliding the plastic clamp forward on the down tube to release the front.
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      Wow, you were motivated to get that huge battery in there. Didn’t see your post till now, didn’t realize we are already on the second page. And, you’ve got wires thru your downtube!

      Am going to start another thread, asking if buying used batteries makes any sense. An alternative to a large 20-24ah battery would be to have 2 smaller batteries, one of them 15 or 17ah, and the second one around 13ah. I imagine 15-17 ah would be a considerably smaller/lighter battery, and I could keep the second one in a backpack, just swap them out.

      This would give me the flexibility of going out most days with just the battery that’ll get me thru my ride, and on the rarer occasions of taking longer rides, I could bring the 2d battery with me. I would need the economy of a used battery to be able to afford 2 of them for under $600.

      I read as part of the knowledge base that the controller?, allows up to 60V, and that particular guy had seen more controller failures with 52V batteries compared to 48V, all of it with Bafang mid-drive motors. I figure I should be fine, these days I mostly keep my PAS to 2 out of 5, and only use the throttle for a few seconds when pulling away from a stop. Of course, having more battery power I’d be more inclined to punch up the PAS level, esp on long uphill stretches, but even then I’m pedaling and know how to NOT put the motor under strain.

      Maybe I'm being foolish. Good point about the potential problem with the display not showing battery levels correctly. I was hoping for a display that showed the usual as well as the battery voltage.

      Not sure what is going on- the power didn’t work for a few minutes while riding in a light drizzle. When it came back on the power was substantially increased. I’ve heard about the 120nm of torque, and never experienced what I would have expected. Yesterday I was very happy, the motor was outputting what I'd expect from an industry leading motor.

      [Weirdness abounds- just got a call out of the blue regarding a 15 year old problem with the family inheritance, my nephew who is the one who is upset, is 240 pounds of solid muscle, 6'4", highly trained in martial arts and prone to a volatile temper, nobody wants to piss this guy off, and my poor sister, 9 kids (yes!), how do you deal with someone you can't ignore!?]

      Thanks for all your input!

      Here is the post asking about used batteries:
      Looking to upgrade my battery, getting about 15-20 miles out of my existing. Started a Topic here: Basically I was looking at installing a 20-24ah battery and wondering Which of the cheaper sellers, like UPP, can be
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        On another note, I finally took the plunge and installed a different steerer stem that puts the handlebars up higher- yes!!! Didn’t realize it would be such a slam dunk job, gives me some confidence for tackling bigger jobs.

        I think I have performance anxiety, I don’t want to incapacitate my only vehicle, and don’t want to get frustrated and not complete this battery upgrade. Confidence really is having faith or confidence in being able to deal with the challenges before you!