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2 E-bike Owners?

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    2 E-bike Owners?

    Anybody own 2 e-bikes?

    I can see someone owning a cruiser for neighborhood riding and an avid camper owning a folding e-bike to take to the campsite!

    2? How can you stop at 2?

    I have 2 primary bikes, a 29er 'mountain bike' that I have converted to what I call my street bike. I also have a fat bike that I take off road. Bike #3 is 90's MTB that was my 2nd ebike. Its got the same motor (BBSHD) as my 2 main bikes. The idea was I could get other people to ride with me but that didn't work out so its kinda just a spare parts holder for my main bikes. #4 is a front hub motor girls bike that I thought would maybe be a better fit for getting other people to ride with me but that didn't help either, nobody wants to ride with me.