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An Ebike for My Better Half?

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    An Ebike for My Better Half?

    First, let me say my wife is 4’11” and about 95 pounds.

    We are recently retired and live in SW Florida. Almost half the year is very hot and humid.

    She would only be a casual rider only riding in the cooler months, probably in the evening as we would ride together.

    It would have to be a step thru as well, and something I could ride in the summer switching back and forth with my Ebike!

    Any suggestions on what to get her?​

    Got a budget in mind?


    Does she care or understand about shifting gears or will she be pedaling much or at all?

    Does it need to be folding?

    Is the overall weight a concern? Like will you often have to lift it for storage or transport?

    Are you willing and able to do some assembly and tinkering? Or does it kinda have to just work?


      Thanks 73 for your time and interest.

      Budget is $1600 high end.

      Range is flexible. She won’t ride from June through October because it’s so hot and humid.

      i would ride it during the summer and just readjust the seat and handlebars.

      Both of us, being retired, would do leisurely bike rides in the cooler weather.

      I will teach about the gears. She will be using the throttle a lot because she has an issue with one of her knees.

      It does NOT need to be folding, I just thought because she is so petite that the 20” might be better.

      Step thru a must.

      The lighter the better and transporting will not be in the mix.

      I can do SOME assembly but the less the better.


        In that price range, for your wife's inseam, and depending on your terrain, I'd consider the single-speed Rad Power Bikes Radrunner 2:
        Click image for larger version  Name:	LE_Runner_2_Blue_Right_Side.png Views:	0 Size:	1.74 MB ID:	164065

        At this bike's current price, you should have money left over for accessories, like some seat/saddle experiments.
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          Some more low, step-thru bikes that come to mind and may be available locally at REI are the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1 and e1.2 electric bikes:
          Click image for larger version  Name:	37986cf7-2fb4-4f67-9ec9-246312979869.jpg?size=2000.jpg Views:	0 Size:	354.5 KB ID:	164271

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            Meet the Elby S2 9- Speed eBike- a cutting edge blend of style, technology and pure joy on 2 wheels!
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