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    Hot Weather Routine?

    I live in SW Florida and from June through October it’s brutal heat/humuidity!

    I am only a two week e-bike owner and after some research and experienced opinions, I’ve finally settled into a between rides routine.

    First let me say the way my bike/battery is designed I have no issue with arcing removing and reconnecting the battery, and as long as I plug charger into the battery BEFORE plugging it into the wall, no arcing as well.

    So, I keep my bike in my garage, and my charger in the house. After my morning ride, this time of year, I disconnect the battery and bring it inside until the next ride.

    When it needs charged I put both the battery and charger on a laptop cooler.

    What are some other routines?

    Lube the chain. With a drip wax like Squirt just wipe the chain with a rag and put a drop on each link every 50-60 miles or so. After the ride is good so it can dry.
    Tire PSI check. A lot of us run Stan's Tubeless tire sealant in the tubes. There are other brands but not the green Slime flat prevention stuff. Actual tubeless tire conversion sealer.
    If you browse around in the forums you will find lots of little tricks.