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    Battery Availability

    Are batteries going to be available from Luna again?

    My 52v is over 5 years old and I am looking for options in the spring but every time I look at the Luna site batteries are not available.

    Thanks in advance.


    They have not been selling batteries other than with kits or bikes since later in '21. Earlier this year Pax mentioned in another thread they may be ending in house production completely so I would be looking for other options. I'm glad I don't need one at the moment because there are a lot of options out there and its hard to tell whats junk and whats not. Personally if I needed one now I would be looking at Grin in Canada, Area 13, or maybe EM3EV but other than a 2nd hand EM3EV I don't have direct experience with any of them, my other 3 packs are all Luna Wolves.


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      Electrify is a little weird. They're kind of more nerds than bicyclists. I use their batteries. but they're obsessed with 52V. for everything. A 48V BBSHD already makes more power than a 52V. BBS02, or TSDZ2. I got my 48V 24Ah 40A.21700 from them. But if you try to tell them how good it is they argue with you that 52V. is better.. They don't offer much in 48V any more. Weird business model.
      I never used Luna because of the no lock issue. Like others here I'm looking for a supplier. But Electrify took themselves off of my list.
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      that is weird looks like my previous post was deleted , guess they dont like my links to electrify ebike

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      Its still there you just have to scroll to see the earlier comments.

    I'll add some more U.S.-based source links here - California Ebike, ReCycle, and Bicycle Motor Works. I've done other, piece-part business with all three, but not for batteries.
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    Since you want 52V. Electrifybike looks good.
      52v Batteries Batteries from Electrify Bike Company utilize the latest 21700 cell technology from the leading brands making safe Lithium Ion cells. The cells we use are all top-of-the-line high-capacity/high-power cells from Samsung, Panasonic, and LG. You won't find batteries of the same size with higher capacity be

    If you want 48V you'll be SOL.