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Help with testing display (short circuit)

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    Help with testing display (short circuit)

    Hi everyone,

    New to this amazing forum. Long story short, I had a short circuit when I tried to connect signal lights. Basically I have a 48v dual motor system. The lights are 48v and the wire positive (+) touched the negative (-) wire which resulted in a short circuit. The consequence of this that the controller 5v circuit burned and I got smoke coming out from the light switch. Tough ,the display still works just fine. I changed both controllers, rear and front and tested all wires leading from the display to the controller. I bought a new light switch too. The problem after connecting the new controllers and the new light switch, nothing fire up. The throttle doesn't work, the lights don't turn on, the motors don't run when pressing the throttle and only the screen works. Basically, the same as with the old controllers.

    After investigating everything, I checked every 5v component that's possibly causing a short circuit and found inside the screen there's a peeled connection that looks like it got heated and burned out:

    Screen circuit

    Click image for larger version

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    The way I tested the display is connecting 5V to the red and black cables. I tested with a multimeter if the throttle hall sensor gets electricity, but not voltage was detected. Not sure if this is the correct way to test it. I would like know how to test the display and what the various cable colors mean? Interestingly though the display turns on!

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Victor2023,
    And welcome to the forum! :-)

    Originally posted by victor2023 View Post
    I would like know how to test the display and what the various cable colors mean?
    Just a word of caution before proceeding... As I believe that both full voltage power along with lower voltage 5vdc wires connect to the display/throttle. And having a known short/open/toasted circuitry. Such a damaged component may send unwanted voltages down the wrong wires possibly causing damage to other components. Just saying... bench test separate from your good new controllers or do so at your own risk.

    I have been unable to find a wiring pinout of your throttle/display.

    It looks like it is a Minimotors EYE.

    It looks like you have a 6-wire connection.


    Perhaps with you scooter’s make and model, and display model, may have better luck…


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    • victor2023
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      Thanks for your reply. I finally discovered the problem. It's the trace of the circuit for the blue wire that got burned from the short. So this blue wire gets 48 V from the screen when the screen is turned on and turns on the controller's 5 V output.

    • Tommycat
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      Thanks for posting back with the information. Curious cat wants to know what you had to do to fix…? Repair or replace display?