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8FUN 250W Rear Hub Motor/Pedal Assist Problem **PLEASE HELP**

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    8FUN 250W Rear Hub Motor/Pedal Assist Problem **PLEASE HELP**


    I have a problem with my 250 Watt 8Fun Rear Hub motor. The bicycle is at MAX power when not twisting the throttle. It causes you to lose control of the bike, the e-assist doesn't stop even when you press the brake either. If you have any video links or advice to help me with this issue please do.

    This hindrance causes my business to be halted, because the cafe is built on the bicycle. for more info on that look here.
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    I have no E-Bike repair people who are in my local area so reaching out for some help to have any clue of fixing this by myself.



    Was this working properly before? or is this a new build?

    The motor only does what the controller tells it to, so we can start there. Are you using a throttle & pedal assist or just one or the other?


      It is not uncommon for throttles to fail, but the ebrake should over-ride the throttle. Check all the wiring carefully, if any high voltage has reached the control wires the controller and throttle may be damaged. Wiring must be solid, dry and reliable on an ebike, or there will be lots of problems. Moisture can really cause problems with it.
      Alan B


        So you turn on the battery or you have a on button somewhere. and the motor starts running immediately? Pulling the brake doesn't stop?

        Please give a little more info about what you mean when you say the motor kicks in at full power..

        Your brake cable must have gotten disconnected or the switch failed. Controllers are designed so they cannot tell if the brake switch fails, wires break, or connector falls off. In my opinion, that's unsafe, and they could have picked a scheme where the motor won't run if that happens, but it is what it is. Do you have two brakes or one?

        I have seen a new twist throttle stick open after I turned it. Fortunately, I was just testing a kit to make sure it worked, and the motor was just sitting in an upside down bike.


          Hey guys!

          Thanks for the response! But I fixed it! I took apart the controller and blew on all the connections then put it back together. then i took off everything off of the rear hub and found a roll of hair on the bearings. I took that off and it still didn't work. Then I checked the brake lines to the front two wheels and i I think that was the problem because every time I pulled on it the bikes pedal assist would cut on. So after taking apart the wiring from the brake and readjusting it worked! So yeah, very long two days for me :) again thanks for the help!