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    BBSHD > Mongoose Hitch

    Hi All

    Well I built a BBS02 conversion to my 10 year old Marin 29er (Burnt orange) w/ a triangle batt pack, STOLEN last Sunday. If you see this bike, beware, the rider is a thief.

    So ... time to build a new one. BBSHD fat bike this time.
    I ordered a Mongoose Hitch Fat Bike. Is the BB size known here? Or do I need to wait for the bike to arrive and measure myself, before ordering the BBSHD?
    My question is: 73mm-100mm kit OR the 100mm-120mm kit

    Thanks for your help


    Maybe best to wait. But if the tyres are 4 inch then a 100mm BB doesnt leave alot of room for adding spacers. Perhaps google the bike and bbshd and see if any builds come uo.


      Hi Dennis.... I built a BBSHD Mongoose Dolomite.... the 100mm motor was a perfect fit.


        Oh yeah.... It was the 73-100mm BBSHD motor that I installed on my Mongoose Dolomite. The clearance was close on the chainstay on the sprocket side with the stock 46 tooth chain ring I dont belive I used any of the spacers included. The 100-120mm motor would probably work too, just order extra spacers in case. That may give you alittle more space for the chain drive sprocket. But as I said the 73-100mm motor worked very well for my Dolomite.