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Student needs Ebikes recommendations HELP!!

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    Student needs Ebikes recommendations HELP!!

    Hello good people of electricbike forum!

    My name is Marek, i come from a small european state, the Czech republic, i'm 17 years old and i am a student who wants to be educated on the topic of electric bikes. The reason behind this is a business project for young students which i'm a part of. My task is to create a sufficient business model of a company. The possibileties were endless but i chose to create a company that will sell electrical bikes and other forms of electrical and ecological transportation. My goal is to make your everyday commute as ecological and as comfortable as possible. The second goal of the company is to raise awareness of climate change an other problems related to overproduction of CO2. We will achieve that by creating a local community of ecological enthusiasts and by creating a platform for people or companies with ideas that could help our cause. We will provide them with contacts and space for presenting their ideas to the public or investors.

    Let's get back to bikes. I need to create a small catalogue of lets say 5-10 different options. And because i have little to no information and experience with electricbikes, i'd love to hear your recommendations. The catalogue should have a choice for everyone. A low budget bike, a bike that can go a long distance etc. In addition to that, i'd love to hear your experience of riding a electrical bike! That would be very helpful :)

    I may not be the most educated in this topic, but i love to learn and i'm happy for every suggestion and word of advice. I am fascinated by the new forms of energy production and clean transportation, that's why i chose to go down this path.

    Thank you for any response and help!

    Take a look at this, it may have some ideas for you:

    If you are fairly new to the idea of an E-bike, and you think you might want one, this article hopes to give you some info to help you get some kind of an idea about what type of kit will fit your …


      Hi Marek, and welcome to the forum.

      What options do you have so far?

      Here are some ideas. Feel free to ask questions.
      The pros and cons of mid drive verse hub motors.
      Efficiency of different types of electric motors


        Riding an ebike is very fun. I never thought that going to work and back would be so thrilling.

        If I were to start an ebike business, I would never sacrifice quality (like Porsche, Mercedes Benz and BMW, for example). If you skimp on quality, it can reduce the safety of the product later on. Your products will be expensive, but they will be the best. You can tell your customers that you have never sacrificed quality as evidenced by the quality components used on your products. Follow this up with impeccable service.

        I like using the largest motor available, largest rotors on hydraulic brakes, huge chain rings and powder coated 4130 Chromoly steel frames. I would recommend sine wave controllers (e.g. a 24 FET Sabvoton). I like to run 72V. Remember to optimize the controller to the voltage that you will be running and program the regenerative braking to maximum. I like Infineon 4110 FETs. Use more FETs than you think you need in an effort to keep the controller heat down.

        If you put the hub motor in the front, the engineering will be easier because you will have more room in the rear for a tall (or wide) cassette. Put three chain rings in front and use an 11 speed cassette. Your competitors will not be selling bikes with 33 speeds.

        If you use big motors (and I hope you do!), use a steel fork (hub motor in the front) or a steel frame and derailleur hanger (hub motor in the rear) and 1/4" steel torque arms. I chose 303 Stainless for my torque arms.

        Put tire liner(s) and slime in the tires.

        Put on a Grin Tech CA V3. Use water resistant, reliable connectors and a quality battery with at least 20Ah and a 100A BMS. Use a 60 or 65A circuit breaker and limit the current in the CA to 40A.

        I understand that the EU has a 250W power limit. Not good. Make bikes that put out a lot of power and say that they are for off road use only. I have three speed switches on my bikes (set to 33/66/99% power). Speed 1 is street legal.

        Learn electronics as they pertain to ebikes and bicycle mechanics.

        Make the bikes handsome. You can have both high performance and good looks. I like to powder coat a lot of parts (e.g. fork, torque arms, spider, nuts, bolts, washers). Use Grade 8 (USA) or 10.9 (International) nuts, bolts, lock washers and washers.

        Put flexible wiring conduit over the wires. Conceal any rat's nest of wires because that looks ugly.

        If you decide to put a hub motor in the front, be sure and use a front hub motor. Don't be the guy who has a front hub motor side cover with freewheel threads!

        Use a quality frame with a 44mm head tube and then use a quality (e.g. Chris King) headset.
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          I think the 250W limit is UK, and a few other places. 350w 20mph is getting to be the most common non US standard. If you read the Ebike magazines sponsored by builders of these things you would think this was written stone.

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              Here are the best electric bikes reviews in 2021 that can help you in your research.


                Check and see what the legal limits are where you live, and realize that this forum is hosted by Luna Cycles, a vendor of high powered off road Ebikes, and conversion kits. You can learn a lot here about the problems and solutions that we've found. But much of it may not directly apply to your own siituation. If you want to do something original an electric Vespa type scooter doesn't seem to exist yet. The wide dash panel keeps water and dirt from the road off of you in a way that fenders can't. Arriving at work fresh and relaxed doesn't do much good if your shoes are full of water, and you're caked in mud up to your knees.