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Anyone own / have experiance with Luna's 5000w Rhino cargo ebike?

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    Originally posted by Peter Halt View Post
    My gut feeling is that this is not the best bike for a first ebike unless you are very skilled with bikes and comfortable with electronics. It has massive amounts of power, which puts the drive train at risk. You will destroy your rear hub if you make a mistake. Running 72 V at 5000 Watts is not a commuters bike. It is designed as a torque monster and racing bike for offroad. I want one badly, but if I was looking for a daily driver/singletrack capable bike, I would go with one of the high end full suspension or hardtail BBSHD offerings from Luna. Google cyclone ebikes and read as much as possible. Builders using the cyclone are experienced guys that love to tinker. The BBSHD is plenty of power, reliable, servicable, with a slick, user friendly color LCD dash.
    Your gut feeling might've been right. I'm told the rhino is for local pick up only. I'm in southern WI...doubt thats going to happen.


      Originally posted by huffherb View Post

      Your gut feeling might've been right. I'm told the rhino is for local pick up only. I'm in southern WI...doubt thats going to happen.
      If you had to have it, you could fly to LA and rent a U-Haul. Road trip!


        Unless Luna has installed thermal protection, you will probably burn up the motor. I recently purchased a Luna 72 volt battery for use on my Cyclone 3000 fat bike. It will cruise at 40 mph easily on level ground, but the motor temperature will quickly climb to 110 C (230 F) . I installed a temperature sensor to the windings after I burned up a Cyclone 3000 using a 52 volt battery (2200 watts) on a steep climb.


          How much hotter do the windings get compared to the casing? I have the same setup, C3000 at 72V 40A, and the external casing barely warms up no matter what I've done to it so far, especially if I keep the cadence high, it actually stays cool to the touch most of the time. I was under the impression that you burned up your Cyclone at 52V and 60 Amps? I did a lot of research before buying, and your post was one that I remember...

          Edit: I also thought the Cyclone in the Rhino was the larger 205.5mm wide cyclone, which has 7:1 internal reduction and more copper, but I could be wrong...
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            Anyone know where I can get the clamps between motor and seat tube?


            • artdrectr
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              Do a search for 'P' clamps in the diameter you need.

            • ncrkd
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              If you have no luck finding that specific one, have a look at the ones in this thread:

              I'd double-up whatever you came up with, maybe even epoxy the mount in place - what with that motor tug.
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