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change from 48v 16ah to 52v 17.5ah. can i just swap batteries

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    change from 48v 16ah to 52v 17.5ah. can i just swap batteries

    for a delux 500.
    do i need to reprogram it. or will a simple swap work

    plan was just use 48v 16ah battery as a backup. Assuming this works
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    I have a Cycle Analyst V3 and I have to program how many cells are in one of my battery rows. In my case, I have a 72V battery so I program in "20 cells". My bike would work just fine if I switched to a battery with slightly less voltage, as you are planning on doing. After all, your 52V battery is functionally a 48V battery near the end of its discharge cycle.

    Along these lines, you can test your idea by charging your 52V battery to the fully charged voltage of the 48V battery and seeing how it runs.

    The 48V battery will discharge to a lower voltage than the 52V battery. In my 72V system, the LVC is set at 65V in the Cycle Analyst and 56V in the Lyen controller, so at some point the LVC might become an issue for you when you start to get to the end of the capacity of your 48V backup battery. Do you have a LVC setting in your display? I wonder what the default LVC setting is for your controller.

    Also, as you know, your top speed with the 48V battery will be 92.3% of the top speed with the 52V battery.

    Finally, a 16Ah battery can only supply 91.4% as much continuous and burst current as a 17.5Ah battery.
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