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Battery won't charge

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    Yes both chargers have had the same behavior. I have some experience with barrel plugs growing up with casio keyboards, cordless phones, and various other electronic devices.. In my opinion, the connection at the barrel has always felt "loose" compared to all the other barrel connectors I've ever used. When I plug it in I expect to get the tight fit with the almost "snap" sound that I grew up with, but this connector just sort of slides on loosely and appears to not even go in all the way as I can still see a good 1/3rd of the metal barrel exposed when it is pushed in as far as it will go. The satisfying snap sound is barely evident and the cable sags at the connection as soon as I let go of it. It's as if the sleeve is just a tad too loose for the pin inside or something.


      I have a new 52v battery that would only charge to 57.7v. Finally, after 4 recharges (the battery would be in the 47v range) with 3 different chargers, and they all shut off at 57.7v I wired in a 150w/120v halogen light bulb and drained the battery to 42.7v. It's a 34ah battery so this took over 3 days. I recharged again (5 amp charger) for approx. 10 hrs. and achieved 58.4v. Not a complete 58.8v, but much better. I seem to remember reading that new batteries need an initial "breaking in" period. That is, drawing battery voltage down a few times before recharging. I just didn't realize how low.


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        I believe it's really more a matter of balancing new battery packs which shouldn't require deep discharging. BMS balancing usually works fine doing several shallow discharge/charge cycles and leaving it connected to the charger for several hours after the green LED lights and the fan quits.

      Got a brand new ebike , came with 85% charged on bike ,. Rode bike for 5dsys no problem , then it came to charging battery
      first it's was stuck on green light on charger
      Should be on red then when charged goes to green,. Try another compatible charger same outcome ,. Thinking something wrong with battery , while it is brand new.. what do you think


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