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  • Jetstream
    Hello, I am new here. Trying to post in the right place....I have 2 mountain bikes with a bafang g510, they only have a 150 miles on them...the thumb throttle stopped working but the cadence works fine. I tried the control and thumb throttle from the malfunctioning bike on the functional bike and the throttle and controller worked perfectly. I dont have schematic to pin it out but I did look at the connections etc and I didnt see anything wrong. Please assist if possible thanks!!

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  • AZguy
    commented on 's reply
    I think you misunderstand

    I'm pretty sure I mentioned I pedal *ALL* the time and never ride it like an electric moto (i.e. not pedaling, just throttle)... I have no interest in riding it that way and it seems you don't either and I understood that right of the bat

    In the mode I pointed you too I still pedal *ALL* the time and just use the throttle to control how much power is delivered instead of adjusting the assist level but not riding it like an electric moto since that isn't how I ride

    Your choices:

    A. Suck it up and leave it as it is which for folks like you and I that aren't looking for an electric moto and pedal all the time the throttle is pretty much useless

    B. Set it up the way the thread suggests and then pedal all the time but use the throttle to control the amount of assist, however you will have to use the throttle to control the power since the PAS levels no longer function

    C. Do a non-trivial electrical mod to make it work like we both want

    After running with "A." for a year or so and then discovering "B.", personally, I vastly proffered "B." over "A."... but I sure would prefer to be able to use it like this and also have the option of using the buttons to utilize the PAS and give my wrist a rest when cruising.. so in the end I ended up with "C." and couldn't be happier

    If you don't like options B and C.... suck it up and get over it... but those are your options short of getting a new motor or whatever...

  • paxtana
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    Do you mean the higo connector on the ebrake lever itself? Sorry maybe I am not understanding, but it is almost certainly going to be easiest just to replace the part, whether that is on the brake itself or on the harness.

  • Cavi
    commented on 's reply
    AZ, sorry that defeats the purpose of the bike. For me it is still a bike for exercise not a electric motorcycle. I understand the allure of an electric motorcycle but I want a mountain bike with some assist. I honestly only use the power under pedal, I reserve the throttle for the occasion where I am climbing a steep hill and I am running out of gas then I feed in a bit of throttle (easier than changing PAS levels just for the short hill) If you look at my program file you will see how low the power is in level 2 and 3 which are where my wife usually rides. I tried to set it up to where when on flat ground I barely feel the motor and as cadance goes up the motor cuts some of the power maintaining pedal pressure

  • Lakejumper
    Hi, I have a BBSHD and the red wire on the brake cutout, where the wire goes into the brake from the pigtail, is broken. The rubber boot that protects it won’t stay on. I have caliper brake shoe style brakes. Is the wire needed and can it be repaired or is it easier to replace the brake lever? Would silicone sealant be okay to reattach the protective boot? Thanks!

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