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48V Jumbo Shark Charging Question

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    48V Jumbo Shark Charging Question


    Would somebody with experience be able to help with this?

    Have a Luna Advanced 48V Charger.
    Have about 3-month old Jumbo Shark 48V Luna Battery

    When completely new, at the end of charging, the charger would stop and be done.

    Now, when the charger cuts off at the end of charging, is starts cycling on/off.
    Wanted to test it and see if it would eventually stop, so observed it for over 30 minutes and the cycling went on and on.
    The battery V measurement on a digital meter shows charged to whatever 80-90-100%.

    What would I need to do to get the charger charge and stop when it used to when brand new.

    Also, have a 48V battery for Sondors...the same charger charges to 80-90-100% and stops.

    Thank you.

    Can you check the voltage and also advise the setting. The charger maybe balancing the pack. Maybe try going around the block and then plugging in the charger again and checking if the battery charge is higher.



      Hello Rod.

      Thank you for your post.

      When measured, the battery voltage shows 54.4 54.5V.

      We always charge at 3 A.

      If the cycling is a way for the charger to balance the pack, how long should it go on?

      Also, when charging, the battery pack's bottom metal plate (on the casing) is cool.
      However, after the charger cycling, the metal plate feels warm.

      Thank you.


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        BMS balancing can take many days depending on how badly out of balance a pack has become. If it never comes back around to like it used to be it might be time to open the pack and check cell group channel voltages to insure something more serious isn't over looked?