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Nice BBSHD programming for 12-14 mph rail trails

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    Nice BBSHD programming for 12-14 mph rail trails

    Hi. Been thru every forum topic, and have seen all of the .el files compared. My big issue with using the 100% speed setting on the PAS page is that I wind up playing the air guitar with the pedals. I'm currently set for 20 mph speed limit. I like the Kepler setup, with a steady increase in assist, but the top end cadence is too much. Can I simply set top speed to a lower value, affecting all assist levels? Or can I lower my top end speed on each assist setting, while leaving one or two assist settings at the full speed value ( in case I have to flee a zombie attack, for example.... :) many thanks!!! Ron W

    I'll try to help, seeing that no one else has chimed in.

    The "speed limit" setting on the "basic" page is referring to the motor's top speed(rotation speed) so yes, if you lower the value in each assist level, your motor's top speed will be lower, and you'll be able to pedal along with it.

    Or you could change the bike's top speed when in pedal assist mode, in the "speed limited" box on the pedal assist page. Also changeable in your display if you'd rather.

    Karl's blog is worth a read if you haven't already

    I reckon that should give you want you want. Give it a go and let us know the results.
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      Thanks for the post. I am currently using the LIMITLESS programming, and the subtle current changes work very nicely in my pedaling range. The speed limits are all 100%, and I taylor the gear selection and assist level to give me the best 'feel' at my particular cadence. I just rode a 100 mile trip on mostly paved, and gently rolling terrain. Day one was 45 miles..... used slighyly less than half of my 48v 21 AH pack, doing 15 mph, pulling 150-200 watts for most of the ride. Day 2 was 55 miles. Had 1/3 capacity left, same speeds. I was also loaded with 15 lbs of gear beyond the 8 lb battery. Click image for larger version

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        Ok, good to hear you've got it working well. Sounds like a fun trip! I use similar settings for PAS, leaving the motor speed limit at 100, and having very low current limits for the first few assist levels.
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