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    Originally posted by Ade View Post

    It's all about range anxiety. Because of mine, I fully charged my current battery every day which probably got it to its current, not particularly good state in 15 months. People sort of expect a close approximation of battery level if nothing else.

    How accurate is this display with 48v batteries?
    Yeah range anxiety is a pain. There was a discussion earlier comparing the inaccuracy of battery to gas gauges which was pretty silly. Car gauges are pretty accurate and useful. My e-bike gauge shows full for 10 miles and then dead two or three miles later.

    Louis has the right idea. Focus on mileage and forget about gauges until someone figures it out, makes it easier to enjoy all the awesome aspects of e-biking.


      Louis is right IRL, but as a electrical technician I want to know more, I would like info on all the 84 cells :) More info is butternut In reality I would love to have the CA info embedded in the CP-14.... I do not want a second display.


        I focus on mileage like louis. I don't even run a display, I like the clean look of my bars without it! All the info I need I get from my Cateye Adventurer. It looks nice but still no useful data?! Besides, if I mount a display on my bike that's that big, it better get Dish network! I mean really, the thing is HUGE! Of course some folks love to mount every kind of gadget to their bars. I just figure I got 20 miles on pedal assist, and it has never let me walk home. Enjoy riding more by thinking about it less!


          Hey, thanks for all the great feedback - the chart is particularly useful...there ought to be an app for this!

          My big problem is gauging how far I can go? Can I take my eCruiser for an extended jaunt here or there? Inquiring minds want to know.

          I don't always know how far I want to go. That's why I need a gauge.



            I tire out long before any battery...


              Yeah, comparing the new display to the batt-man gauge, the dpc14 overestimates amperage draw, but the voltage readout is accurate. I like the usb port for plugging your phone in. Bafang should work on coming out with a firmware update and mobile controller app.


                By how much do you think amperage is over?

                Interesting you say that about over-estimating amperage. I guess that makes sense now. My display says steady cruise 7A on PA1 and 12 to 13A on PA2. That seemed really high to me, esp. considering it did not add up to the proper range i have been seeing.

                I tried to do one range test from full to empty, but i only got to 55 miles on flat terrain before giving up. Never saw empty. That would mean more like an average draw of 3 or 4A instead of 7A. That would mean the display is reading at least 2X too high for me. Just a guess. It would be great to get a more accurate number.


                • Tbro
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                  Yeah, it over estimates by about 1 to 2 amps in the lower PASSs, and 5+ amps in the uppers. By PAS 4 it's pretty much pegged at 30, and 5 is off the scale, compared to the batt-man meter, which I'm assuming is more accurate.

                Mine seems fine, I see from 0-30amps all the time..... it's just a good reminder to start pedalling and save power!


                  Can the firmware on these displays be updated?



                    I've mounted the Luna Full Color Display DPC-14 on my Bafang BBS02 48V 750W motor.
                    It has a standard configuration with a 48V / 20A(?) "dolphin" type battery pack which is (almost) 2 years old and was then delivered from
                    Here's a couple of photos to illustrate my configuration:

                    One of the most interesting advantage I saw in the DPC-14 is its ability to display the output POWER or CURRENT of the battery (as stated on page
                    7, point 8.6 of the user manual)

                    I've configured the settings to match my bike's and baterry's profile.

                    Unfortunately, in my case there is A ZERO VALUE for the POW or CUR, whether the motor is running or not :-(
                    I'm also surprised to have a 54.0 V value for battery voltage as mine is supposed to be 48 V.

                    I've seen in previous posts that others are also experimenting inaccurate readings but is there something I'm missing ?
                    Could you enlighten me on this issue since I don't seem to have a clear comprehension of why I get such readings ?

                    Also has anyone been able to have any kind of POW or CUR reading that was not a ZERO VALUE ?
                    If so what should I do to get that working on my machine ?

                    Hope someone can help me figure that out.
                    Thank you.


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                      48V is nominal, when fully charged you should see around 54.6V

                    • Louis
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                      A 48V battery at full charge is 54.6V so the display is doing the job there!

                    OK, thanks, I wouldn't have expected a 12% extra voltage on a fully charged battery.

                    Anything regarding the Power/Current display ?
                    Do you guys get a value displayed ? Other than 0.0 of course ;-)

                    I'm, as others are I'm sure, quite thrilled thinking about the possibilities of this display.
                    My opinion up to now is that it's still a bit immature and I would so much like to find ways to use it's potential.
                    Unfortunately, I couldn't find much info googling around with the terms "Bafang DPC 14 display". Any lead on where to go to learn more about this little beast would be welcome.

                    I have no idea whether Luna Cycles got their logo uploaded in the display by the supplier, but if they did that themselves I would love to know what software they used.

                    Hope to hear from others who, like me, are eager to get more out of this nice looking DPC-14 !



                      Compared to a CycleAnalyst 3 with shunt, the amps are off by 25% through most of the range. They only agree when pegged at 30 amps.


                        I've got two DPC-14 mounted on two separate 52v bikes.. both work as expected ... I use the amp/watts feature all the time and it reads predictably.. under load in PAS 4 or 5 of 9, I get a 3 to 7 amp/current reading (road bike) at 23 to 25 mph .. as soon as I stop pedaling, it drops to 0 amp .. start back up, amps shoot to 7 or so and I try to bring it down to under 3amp .. very useful feature if you're concerned with battery management.. When I'm in the 'watts' screen, I try to keep it under 400w .. more like 200w to 300w for the same types of road speed.. I get better than 45 miles on a 13 amp/hr battery with an end voltage at around 48v ..

                        Right now, I'm running the MiniCube 52v 7ah on one of the bikes that I routinely ride over a somewhat hilly 15 mile loop most days of the week .. it easily did 20mi at an average of 22 mph.. so, long story short, I really like the DPC-14 over the other Bafang dashboards that I have here (961-963-965) mainly for the current/watt/voltage readout.. I'm also liking the 3lb MiniCube.. shed an instant 7lbs off the bike for my daily routine without a loss of performance..


                          Miracles do happen !

                          As I was riding this week-end, all of a sudden, I noticed that the POW indicator had come to life !
                          I now have the instantaneous Watt or Current displayed on the DPC-14, hurray.

                          I really didn't change anything to the connections. Only took the battery pack off it's mount base to recharge it and put it back in a little later. Don't think this made any difference.
                          Nevertheless, I'm now able to observe the effective wattage consumption of my BBS02, which seems to average around 400W most of the time, while I've seen occasional peaks at about 900W.
                          I have no clue yet as if the displayed values are accurate, which I might try to figure out whenever I get some time to do this, but at least I now for the first time have a way of visualizing the approximate power drained by the motor at any moment. GREAT :-D

                          Regarding my previous surprise concerning the voltage of a fully charged 48V battery pack, I've read the following article which is, I think, a must read for any NOOB as I am who wants to get a clearer comprehension of battery packs configurations and specifications:
                          If you want to get the best bang for your buck when choosing components to build an ebike system, here are a few technical recommendations


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                            All that stuff is way over my head, lol, I just want to ride

                          Resetting ODO the only way I can see... Data cleanup
                          Press and hold UP & DOWN buttons together for 1 second can reset several temporary
                          data, temporary data include AVG Speed / MAX Speed / Trip / Time.