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48v with 12v step down

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    48v with 12v step down

    Hi All!

    New visitor to your forums :) I thought I'd join in the eBike frenzy with everyone else. But before I bore you all with my crazy ideas ... I need to ask a question.

    I understand that wiring 4x 12v batteries in series will yield you 48v. I have a 48v eBike Kit. 35mph, love it!
    What I want to do is add in 12v LED Lights on front and rear and also put on a 12v turn signal module like say from a Motorcycle.
    As I understand it, my 4 12v batteries will equalize themselves since they are all connected together. Since they are wired in series, would it be possible to simply attach the 12v LED lights normally up to one of the batteries and run the LED Lights that way? ...... or do I have to get a completely separate 12v battery solely for this purpose?

    I am thinking I can do this since I am drawing power from the terminals of only one battery, not all 4. Any power drain from the LED Lights would be insignificant and the whole 4 batteries will still equalize themselves to equal voltage.

    Am I Correct in assuming this?

    Thanks Guys!

    Lighting options



      im just curious if i can hook up a 12v LED light to one 12v cell that is wired up in series for a 48v system, and not blow anything up LOL :)
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        I would imagine so but that one batt would be the weak link.

      Maybe try a dc to dc step down

      No, do not use one cell, this will put the pack out of balance.


        I agree with Rodney64. Extremely efficient switching 'buck' regulators can be had these days that make this a pretty trivial modification. More expensive options, but with believable reviews, can be found on Amazon:

        good luck!



          I would use a 12V DC-DC converter like this:

          Luna sells an LED light with its own converter:

          On my bikes, I use detachable, rechargeable lights which works well for me. I am always taking off those lights for use as a flashlight.

          Also, if your ebike electrical system fails, you still have light.

          You can always go old school and use hand signals for turning.
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