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XLR to XT60 converter

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    XLR to XT60 converter


    If someone buys this connector to use with the Grin Cycle Satiator and with a LunaCycle battery, there will be a small problem.
    LunaCycle batteries come with a XT60 female connectors.
    This cable has a XT60 female connector also. The buyer would have to cut the existing XT60 female connector off and solder a XT60 male connector instead.

    I have this connector, and needed to cut off the XT60 female off, that I will be keeping for future projects. The connector supplied with this cable was a Genuine XT60 Amass Connector, and was really nice quality.
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    ​Soldering should never be a problem and it's a skill everyone who builds should acquire. I never worry about connectors. I just solder what I need. I learned from youtube videos and bought my first kit off Amazon. Cheap be very usable iron complete with solder. Under $20. I think we may have some one of these days. Eventually every rider that wants to be independent will need the skill. At least from my view. I was nervous but have had NO failures.

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      thanks for pointing this out. We made a slip.

      Luckily we make this connector in house and i changed the add to reflect that it should come with a xt60 male. This way when our guys make them they make the right plug.

      Sorry we messed this one up for you....

      we do use amass connectors :)


        Yeah I noticed I need the exact opposite of that. In other words I need XLR-Male to XT60-female. The one luna is selling is the exact opposite of that. I wanted to use the advanced charger from luna because why not right? but i'm having trouble finding the right connectors. Unless I just buy the parts and solder them myself unfortunatelly i'm very bad with the iron :/