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BBS02 wont turn on after rain

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    BBS02 wont turn on after rain

    I had my bike on the bike carrier on the back of my car (on the way to the bike path) and it was raining (not that hard, but more than a sprinkle). It was a 10 minute drive. But when I got there, unable to turn bike on - press and hold power on does nothing. Worked fine the day before. I had the display protected in a zip-lock bag, so I know display did not get wet. I unplugged optional throttle, and optional brake sensors, and that does not help, so I know they are not the problem (most likely).

    The power on/assist +/- button (which is wired into the display!), now that doesn't look so rain proof to me... I have tried a hair drier to dry it out. Still nothing.

    Help please!

    Had another look... the power connector, doesn't like a tight connection... that's all it was. Nothing to do with the rain, just a distraction.


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