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Electric Bike Specific Hydraulic Brakes

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    Electric Bike Specific Hydraulic Brakes

    just want to share. i bought pair of tektro dorado brakes but i didn't noticed that its from different e-bike company, so the motor cutoff is a bit different from what i'm using on my luna cycle bbshd kit.

    just to give you idea heres the one i bought with the kit from luna cycle and its a 3 male pins
    Click image for larger version

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    and here is that i bought online and didn't pay attention to the description :(

    Click image for larger version

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    the connectors on this dorado brakes is a 2 female pins

    so here is what did :)

    Click image for larger version

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    i cut both cables and solder the luna 3 male pin to the dorado 2 female pin cable
    the luna sensor e-brake has 3 cable inside (black, red, & white) i just disregard the black cable
    while the dorado cable has blue & red
    i solder red to red and blue to white

    so far it works fine don't know yet if this frankenstein method of mine will cause issues on my kit :)
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    Any update? Care to fill us in on any progress?!
    i would personally love to hear how this worked out. I was lookin for a solution to this same situation/problem. I have dorado brakes with new sensors and bare wires. The new bbs02 kit I just received, also has the three prong connector.

    Do your brakes work? Did you have to make any further adjustments or modifications?


      Are these pictures about hydraulic brakes? If so, are they any better than cables?


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        I find that, due to the properties of the mineral oil, hydraulic brakes are WAY easier to set up.

      I attempted the same thing. the only problem, now:the Tektro Dorado sensor has two (2) cables, one blue and one black. The luna sensor still has three cables, but the colors are different now. The luna sensor cables are blue, black and red. I'm not sure which to connect to which. it would seem reasonable to connect the blacks and blues together. But that doesn't seem to set off the signal to a running battery, when the brakes are engaged.


        I just got the Tektro Zurich brakes and they are the same with the blue and black wires. Here is how I did it:

        luna red --> tektro black
        luna white --> tektro blue

        I used solderless connectors that I just use my heat gun for and then make sure to put a heat shrink on the cable BEFORE connecting them all. Slide it down and then heat shrink the whole thing.


          Sorry forgot to attach pic of the solderless connectors.


            Originally posted by iknowforrest View Post
            Sorry forgot to attach pic of the solderless connectors.
            I used those for the 1st time recently and they worked very well. Here's a link to an assorted pack I bought but there are tons of other options/sizes.


              I use these Tektro Dorado HD-E710 brakes on all five of my bikes. I have published a list (with links) of small parts for these brakes: These brakes are very easy to work on and set up.

              This pad spacer is an absolute necessity to install when you have a wheel out. You have to keep spares of these cotter pins because these fall out with extended riding.

              Tektro supplies adapters for 160, 180 and 203mm rotors for both ISO and post mount styles, and the 203mm adapters work fine for 200mm rotors. The Tektro rotors are a little thicker, so I only use Tektro rotors. I have D_F203 and D_R203 adapters for my ISO mounts and 203mm rotors.

              The two wires for cutting power to the motor do not have a polarity. I have been buying these same brakes for about 3 years; at first, these wires were black and white, but nowadays they are both black because it is just a circuit that is interrupted when the rider activates any of the two brake levers.

              The simple design is that these two wires are in the same circuit as the motor power, and pulling either or both brake lever(s) interrupts this circuit.

              I use a Cycle Analyst V3 which has black and blue wires for these "e-brake motor cutoff" wires. This is how I wire them up:

              I take one wire from each brake lever and connect them so that they merge into one wire. I also do this for the remaining two wires from the brake levers. Now I have two wires (which I have arbitrarily made blue and black at this point) and I connect them to the blue and black wires on the CA V3 using a 2-pin JST-SM connector.

              Wired up as above, pulling either brake lever will interrupt the circuit and cut power to the motor.
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