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Parallel two 52 volt batteries

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    Parallel two 52 volt batteries

    I currently have a 20 ah pack and an 11.5. I understand that paralleling these shpuld not be a problem as long as they are the same vtahe when making connection?
    now kif this is true, charging can be done with two chargers through the separate charge connectors of the batteries?
    purpose to lower ..voltage drop on acceleration and not triggering lvc when battery low. And quick charge 5 amp with advanced charger and 2 amp with cheap stock charger.

    No, you shouldn't really be paralleling two different kinds of batteries like that, even with the same voltage. Especially if they each have different cell types inside of them or if one of the packs is older than the other. They should both be the exact same pack with the same cycle life for the most reliable setup, otherwise you're going to run into problems one day down the line when one pack can't keep up with the other


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      Thank. You..
      Just using second battery as a spare is working fine
      . Just do not like smaller batteries for voltage drop