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Convert Magic Pie 3 to an external controller

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    Convert Magic Pie 3 to an external controller

    I have two 27" e-bikes with original Magic Pie 3 rear hub motors (48 V & 1000 W) both internal controllers have now failed and I have tried the "universal" replacement internal controller and it does not fit. Could you recommend an external controller? I am concerned that my existing wiring harness may be difficult to adapt so possible new thumb throttle and breaks my be needed also.
    Thanks in advance, Steve

    Did you get the right one?

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      I have tried to locate the original "flat grey" controller for my MP 3 but haven't had any luck from golden motor Canada(Gary) so I thought I would try a conversion to an external controller. My wife and I each have MP 3 ebikes and both need new controllers. Any suggestions?


        Hi Steve,

        After doing a few searches I see what you mean... :-( I was hoping Gary would be able to swap you for the right one. Rats. Don't have any experience using external controllers yet. But have been looking at Kelly's KLS models because of their nice programmability and variable regeneration features for my next project...

        If it were me I'd be tempted to take a radical approach... Mounting the control you now have (that doesn't fit) externally! You'd have to keep it in the breeze or perhaps a computer fan for cooling, and extend the phase and hall sensor wires. But you'd be able to keep all the handy wiring, connectors and controls... and it's free! :-) but that's just me and you only have the one.

        But your existing brakes and throttle should work with any typical controller. The wiring is confusing but we can work thru that.
        See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


          Thanks TC,

          The Kelly controllers look very good but are a little out of my price range.
          Gary was good enough to let me return the universal controller that did not fit.

          Right now I am looking at this external controller for Luna Cycle

          At 40 Amps it has a lot of extra capacity(I need about 25 Amps). I have the wiring diagrams for both the MP3 and the Cyclone and I can make it work. I will 3D print the mount for the controller.

          The price is good at $50+$7 shipping and it is a US source. Not fancy but since I have 2 dead bikes this is probably the way I will go.




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            The only things missing that I see are regeneration and display features.( a deal breaker for me) How do you program for PAS? (if you use) Can't beat the price. Way to go Gary!

          I did not catch the fact the regen was not part of the mix, thanks. Both bikes do have Cycle Annalist for display and we do not use peddle assist on these bikes but the controller does support PAS, I will look into the setup but...


            Well I have connected the Cyclone controller from Luna Cycle to my Magic Pie 3 (MP3) hub motor, throttle and breaks. I use a Lyen brush-less motor tester to confirm that the hub motor phases and hall sensors are working as well as the controller out puts and throttle inputs(note the throttle is 0.9V to 2.7V0. All test out OK but when I attempt to spin the wheel it simple shutters. Concerned that I missed a need jumper or break connection or something.

            This controller only uses "break low" which I believe means that if you ground that wire it thinks you are asking to stop. To eliminate that I tried disconnecting the break low wire and it does the same shudder thing and doesn't turn

            Any ideas on what to try next?


              Sure, leave the brake connection off while troubleshooting... but your symptom sounds like just a phase to hall sensor miss match to me. Try this chart to resolve.
              EDIT: And do all testing at relatively low throttle input as out of phase running will spike the amp draw...

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              See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.