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Bafang bbs02 Installation on a Catrike

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    Bafang bbs02 Installation on a Catrike

    I can use a little help. I want to install a Bafang bbs02 motor on a Catrike Expedition trike. I don't know how many cable extensions and lengths are required. I will be using a TerraCycle battery mount. Any help is appreciated.

    My units are already installed so it is hard to measure the length of the stock cables but if no one else chimes in with that measurement, just email Luna and ask for it, then (to state the obvious) just measure your bike and see if you need extra length. Ask for the cable measurement between the motor and the point the harness branches off into the individual wires for the brakes, screen, etc. Then you may also need extensions for the individual branches of you have very long handlebars, but if they are average then you should be fine.

    Add some pics of your trike (if you like) so we have a visual.