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GPS Tracker hidden on the bike

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    GPS Tracker hidden on the bike

    Hey Guys, I'm very impressed by Luna Apollo bike, very impressive peace of art, and I'm definatly going to buy one. My only concern, is that in my country/city, a lot of bikes get stolen, and I have lost two expensive electric bikes already. A solution for me, would be to be able to conceal a gps tracker inside the battery pack (perfect for powering the tracker), or inside the frame. Have you ever considered to sell/make such an option available? may be something like the Stromer ST5? Or do you know who else could provide such a solution? Best regards /Francois

    I’ve looked into those trackers before. They have a lot of them available that people put on their children. There is a monthly fee, but it would be worth it.

    They also have ones that have a motion sensor, and it will immediately send a text alert to your cell phone when somebody bumps the bike.

    You just have to decide where to hide it on your bike. If I were to do it, I would disguise it as a BMS or a row of cells.
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      I also thought about that. There are some trackers, many with dubious cellular compatibility, and too many of them wanting a monthly fee (in addition to any cellular fee) . I wanted to use a SIM card from my Google Fi account since it has no monthly fee, you just pay for the data you use. What I just got and plan to use is a tiny Android cell phone. I just received this one yesterday: I have to say I'm pretty impressed. It supports 4G with dual sim cards, microSD and comes with 16GB of storage. I had it working fine with just WiFi and now it works with the Google Fi SIM card. With the account logged in I can Google "Find my phone" and it shows up. I plan to use Tasker for some alarm-like functions, together with the basic tracking. With the microSD, logging data, like from an EggRider should be easy enough too. There's even a camera if I want to get creative with a mounting solution.
      The size of the phone is like 2 boxes of matches, something I'll be able to hide under a seat or most likely in a non-metallic enclosure. I can have it log data to a folder that's synced via Dropbox while at home on WiFi. I'll have it hooked up to the main battery but it has its own battery built-in as a backup.
      Even though it's not on a phone account, I can trigger the ringtone remotely. I could hook it to an external speaker and have something like "This bike is stolen, Police have been notified" as my ringtone.

      With motion sensors, bluetooth, wifi, there's everything you'd need for a complete alarm package. I figure I'll have it send me a alert once a day over WiFi when it's home to let me know that it's still working, maybe once a week when it's not on WiFi so I know the cellular part is working.


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        Thanks, this is a very interresting custom made solution. I Didnt think about using "where is my phone function". How do you connect the phone directly to the battery? The idea about hiding it under the seat makes me feel insecure, as someone told me prof thieves are looking there in the first place, and would just dismount it and throw it away. Thats why I want to conceal it inside the battery pack.

      I haven't mounted it yet. Under the seat is an option, but I plan to build a non-metallic battery enclosure and stash it there. As for power, I'll also be putting a 60v to 12v power converter to run other things so a standard car adapter can power it. With the motor having a low voltage cutoff higher than the BMS in the battery there should always be power left even after a too-long ride ( I like my lights to be on if riding home after dark ) That should be enough to keep things running. If I ever get to swapping out main batteries often putting a cheap power bank USB battery in-between the charger and the phone would give the phone a day or two of life even without the main battery.
      Of course, this needs to be all locked up and secured. If you don't have something that alerts you to tampering, then it might be best to mount the phone hidden somewhere else, in a pack or light housing to run on its own battery should someone go right to the main pack. Of course, you could go crazy thinking of all the variations, so you really can just cover the basic scenarios and accept that no solution will be perfect.