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    Do u accept Bitcoin as payment

    Hi, I take it you are referring to Luna? Bitcoin is not accepted at this time, sorry. You would need to exchange it for fiat currency first.


      Originally posted by paxtana View Post
      Hi, I take it you are referring to Luna? Bitcoin is not accepted at this time, sorry. You would need to exchange it for fiat currency first.

      ok thanks


        Two ways to look at it... Bitcoin return over the past 10 years is something crazy like 100 million percent, or 400+ percent per year on average.

        So one one had, it's absolutely insane not to accept it for payment. As recently as 2019, a $3,000 bike would have sold for 1 BTC. Today, 1 BTC is north of $60,000. Sell 17 bikes for BTC in 2019 and you'd be a millionaire today.

        On the other hand, it would be absolutely ludicrous to use it for payment. You would have spent 4 BTC to outfit a family of 4 with bikes in 2019, or could buy each of you a brand new $60,000 car today!

        I'm not for sure, but keep hearing news Paypal is starting to (or does?) allow some transactions in crypto? Also believe luna has a paypal payment option? So possibly some way to transact there?

        Good luck, whatever you choose.


          Originally posted by adamspike
          but it probably should be accepted now

          Should platinum be accepted? That makes more sense as it has intrinsic value and its present and future worth is much easier to predict. How about accepting works of art as payment? Makes about as much sense as some phantom "currency"

          Unless someone has a crystal ball, something so esoteric as bitcoin that is valued based 100% on what people think it's worth and has zero intrinsic value... well all I can say is look at Dutch tulip bulb valuation in the 17th century... For all any of us know in an hour one bitcoin could be worth 1ยข... probably not but nobody really knows...


            Of course, I accept bitcoins as payment, and let me tell you about the main benefits of using bitcoin in businesses as a payment system. Still, first, I'd like to recommend a site where you can find various articles about bitcoins, the way you can start mining bitcoins, and so on.
            So if you are interested, check it out:
            Now, coming back to your question, I'd like to say that the essential advantages of accepting bitcoins as a payment method are:
            - Transaction fees are low
            - No taxes and ease to use
            - User's anonymity
            - Security, safety, and faster transactions
            I think you would agree that all these arguments are pretty compelling.


            • AZguy
              AZguy commented
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              Outweighed by the unpredictable value

              I don't agree your arguments are compelling

            Not everyone accepts it, but I do as I understand how the currency will grow in the future, and it is better to be prepared for those times. I am sure that many shops will start doing it sooner or later because you cannot deny the evolution of the currency in the online area. Some people can even earn free crypto, and nothing will stop them from growing their capital, and it is better to start selling them your production because they already have the money, and they will grow your business. It is a good decision for everyone.
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