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is my battery dead or not?

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    is my battery dead or not?

    I have a Luna 52v, 11.5 ah Panasonic PF. Got it in 2016 - but here in Ithaca NY the bike only gets used half the year. It's definitely not at 1000 charges yet; probably around 400. The bike worked perfectly as of last fall. It sat in the garage over the winter and I took it out for the first time last week. I fully charged up the batter - the indicator on the bike said charge was full. I biked for about 5 minutes and all of a sudden the power totally died. I took it home, re-charged it - and the same thing happened again, and again. So now I'm convinced that something is wrong. Took it to the local bike shop and a new guy checked out the battery and said it looked fine. So I took it home again, fully charged it - and of course it died again after about 5 minutes of use on the bike.

    So now I'm trying to figure out if I need a whole new battery or if there is something else wrong...

    Any thoughts?


    If you’ve charged the batt to 100% every time, then 400 cycles is probably about all that can be expected, tho on the low end of the curve.
    Better to normally charge to 80%.
    Be sure to read the docs on battery maintenance in the knowledge base if you haven’t.

    But...there may be something else going on.