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What site did you get your BBSHD and how much was your kit?

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    What site did you get your BBSHD and how much was your kit?

    Me wonders if lunacycle price matches other sites...

    or maybe its better to piece together the kit...

    penny pinching yes, i dont have 2k in the bank. But need transportation and my knee is dead.


    This is my thought about going with Luna. I've read a lot of post of people buying through other suppliers who were SOL right from the moment they ordered.

    There was a bad batch of BBSHD on the market earlier this year Luna made that right with there customers catching many before shipping out to customers.

    The help section here is full of people who bought elsewhere trying to get what they bought elsewhere fixed. Apparently there's no one to call if your unit doesn't work with other suppliers.

    Luna is pretty much responsible for every advance in reliability of the BBSHD by doing testing, corresponding with Bafang to make improvements and being the main supplier in the US.

    I'm pretty sure if you buy from anyone else if your unit arrives you get it installed and go to fire it up if it didn't work...well you're probably on your own. If you buy from Luna you call and tell them they will work you through possible fixes and at worst do an exchange just asking for your invoice number for purchase verification. I don't know any one else doing that with BBSHD units. This was my main reason for going with Luna. Maybe that makes me sound like a fanboy but they seem to be very good at what they do. The difference in price was worth the savings just my opinion. I did a lot of shopping around before I bought I chose Luna.

    My kit Motor and Battery ran me about $1200 all in including shipping. Mind you that's not total build price as you need to add in the price of the Donor, the bike you will be using. I ended up purchasing a fatbike for my donor off of bikesdirect for $1000. If your commuting well heck if you're riding on the road dont forget you need lights and a signaling device. You may want a rack or basket. Honestly accessorizing my bike was the more expensive part. Cost to get have a bike with a bbshd that would go for me $2500. Total cost of my bike kitted out well over $5k but really everything I added could probably be considered a luxury. Basic transportation I'd say your looking at $1400 plusd your Donor...But please include a helmet in your build costs, it is a necessity!
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    2018 Motobecane Boris Fat Bike BBSHD Build


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      I don't remember, but it was NOT the cheapest option. I think I could have saved almost a hundred, on AliExpress with slooooow delivery, in 2016 when I bought them. But, I ordered from Luna, for the above reasons. I did rely on Luna for aftersales support, and was glad I picked a supportive vendor. Still am.

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      Badass man. Thanks. This review should be on their front page.

      Thanks again for this headsup.

      MY issue is i see this promo code box and have nothing for it...

    Golden Motor Canada has the same current price for BBSHD but offers free shipping. They have good customer service and you get your purchase much faster.


      Do they have the throttle fixed, though? I don't know, but that answer would be critical, for me. I insist on throttle working right, and downgraded a newer controller to an old one, just to fix a new BBSHD, before Luna had their fix. I absolutely do not want the new Bafang throttle behavior. Many feel this is an important feature.
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