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No help with FedEx shipping problems

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    No help with FedEx shipping problems

    Luna Cycle sent my order by FedEx and required a signature. FedEx emailed me a "day-definite" commitment, so I took the day off and waited for the delivery. They never showed. I asked FedEx for a credit for the failed shipping. They said to talk to Luna Cycle. Luna Cycle said not their problem. I understand this is not Luna Cycle's fault, but when Luna Cycle's chosen vendors mess up with Luna Cycle customers, I would think that matters to Luna Cycle.

    I'm sure it matters to them, but they probably are powerless to affect Fedex.

    I used 'dropoff point' at the local pharmacy for my last Luna kit order, and it worked well. No help now, but maybe for next time...

    Sorry to hear of your frustration. I've had worse luck with USPS than that, at least Fedex seems to be truthful about delivered, or not! USPS often notifies me of delivery a day before I actually get it, which initially caused a few incidents of me thinking my packages were stolen!
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