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    Wolf pack locking tab

    I've seen some complaints that the Wolf detaches a little too easily when bumped from the side. Why not add a locking tab if you make a V3? Nothing more than a spring steel or plastic strip on the underside of the pack, either molded in with the potting or screwed in like the nameplate. Under normal conditions, it would extend from the pack a little and fit in the center trough in the magnetic mount to keep the front from shifting sideways. To release, just press the front tip of the strip to flatten the strip against the bottom of the pack, so it could then slide freely to the side.

    Also, when you guys make your site, can you please use a consistent image size in the product sliders? It's a bit of a pain in the neck to have the thumbnail strip keep moving up and down. Make the full size images the same size and the thumbnails will stay still.

    The shop has actually revised it multiple times since v2 came out to increase the hold it has from the magnets, things like machining the steel differently and so on. I think they like the simplicity. There are still reinforcement rails in the underside you can use with cable ties, if you wanted to. With the latest revision you can't fit anything larger than a cable tie through there, but that's more than enough for reinforcement.

    They did come up with a version of the Direwolf with the spring tab. I thought it was a good design, definitely solid on there. Presumably they decided to stick with magnet to keep consistency in the product line. Also the interlocking mechanism on the underside that was used in conjunction with the spring tab made the underside of the battery jagged, which was somewhat of a safety concern.

    If you click one of the images in the product slider so it's full size, you can slide through all of them using left and right keys. That said, I agree and many newer listings have some consistency.