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Apex or X1 for general use?

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    Apex or X1 for general use?

    Hi all,
    This will be my first ebike.
    I've always had my eyes on the Apex as I really like the looks, the power it brings, as well as the long battery life (which seems will change too this week.)
    I live on top of a hill, in a quiet neighborhood, with quite a few trails around. I'm thinking of using this bike for commuting as well once the pandemic is over.
    Although never tried before, I'd love to try a ebike on the sand at the nearby beaches.
    All in all, this will be used as more of a general bike to take on different types of terrains.
    In this scenario, what would you guys and gals recommend? Apex or the X-1?
    The reason why I'm eyeing the X1 is because I do want to get some exercise out of riding my bike... and I have a feeling the Apex is less suited for that...? But I'm not sure.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    I can’t speak much to the Apex, except that it looks like a sharp bike with a lot of ‘out of the box’ customization options. As an X-1 owner I can speak to a few of your questions as I see it:

    The X-1 is billed as an enduro/downhill bike – so trails, offroad, etc are pretty well covered and the bike has a nice standard array of parts to help with that… full suspension front/rear, 2.7x27 knobby tires, dropper seat post, fairly good ground clearance, (though some complain about the long (175mm) pedal cranks – but it also pays to keep the shocks aired up so they don’t have too much sag.

    Where the X-1 starts to falter a bit would be on-road commuting. X-1 can do it for sure, but the stock 32T front chain ring limits speed to 23-25mph and those big, knobby tires that are so great offroad do eat into your ‘mileage’ on the battery. A very popular ‘swap’ is to get a ~40T front chain ring which boosts speed considerably. Another popular modification is to ‘unlock’ the 11T (12th gear) rear cog to pick up a few more mph.

    For exercise, I suppose either bike you could just set the ‘assist’ level to “0” - then you’re manually in charge of 50+ pounds of bike. That should get you some thighs like oak trees fairly quickly.

    As far as sand, as I said 2.7x27 tires on the X-1, but looks like you can get 4x26 on the Apex - seems like the wider tires would be much better in the sand, but also much worse commuting, so it would really depend on how much of each you wish to do and where the 'optimum' point of the bike is.

    I suspect it would be hard to go wrong with either bike, just depends on how important each of your use cases are, and if you are willing/want to do any 'aftermarket' mods.

    Hope this helps.
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      Thanks for your thoughtful reply! It is very helpful.
      Sorry to bombard you with questions, but since you have an X1...

      Do you have any specific recommendation on the 40T and is it fairly easy to replace? I have a pretty steep hill I'd need to climb which is about 40 degrees steep. Do you think the 40T could handle it...?

      Is it pretty easy and safe to unlock the 12th gear? Why is it locked to start with?

      Lastly... you mention the wide tires would be much worse for commuting. I would think it would help absorb any small debris or unevent roads bumps, almost as it would with the suspensions of the X1...? How does your X1 feel on the road, is it still fun to ride around and go for quick around the block trips for example?

      Again, sorry for all the questions!!!


    • K442
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      If you haven't already found it, there is a great read on various points of the X-1 here . Including some charts for chain ring vs top speed, changing the front chain ring , unlocking the rear , etc.

      For a 40 degree hill - wow, around here we call that a wall! I think you'd still be OK at 40T. Some key charts here but considering you're going from 32x50 to 40x50 on the big gear, that's a ratio change of ~1.56 > 1.25 or roughly 0.3 difference - a fairly minor change in that ratio. I'll actually throw in a 'caution' edit here - I've had my X-1 accidentally wheelie on a few different occasions, on inclines much less than that! One time, I turned the wheel, but it wasn't on the ground, so the bike shot me off the trail and into some standing timber! So meter your assist carefully and be ready to shift weight over the bars if needed...especially if you go 'ludicrous'!

      On the tires/commuting I was thinking mainly of speed and mileage on the battery...wider tires catch more wind and are heavier, so would cause drag. Both bikes are full suspension. The X-1 has multi position damping, so you can dial in a smooth ride or a somewhat stiffer ride...believe you can get that option with the suspension forks on the apex, too.

      On road...hummm... well, considering my other bike is a 21 pound carbon 29er, the X-1 feels absolutely massive! Obviously the linear acceleration mass is (or can be) completely masked by cranking up the motor assist, and the deceleration mass is handled pretty well by the huge disk brakes. There is not much that can be done for the turning/weaving/darting in-out mass, though. But I suppose that is true of any e-bike and it seems the X-1 holds the battery and motor mass down pretty low (both numerically and geometry wise), so is probably toward the 'better' end of the spectrum. I guess the other way to look at it is the X-1 is hyper light and exceptionally maneuverable compared to my 500 pound motorcycle. So I usually find myself with a big grin and bugs in my teeth on the X-1.
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    • JunzyMSFT
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      Thanks again for your thorough input, and apologies for the delay in response. I think I'll go with the X1, seems it's already plenty of power based on your comment :) I'll start buying the 40T you recommended!
      I'm looking forward to my first real e-bike! Thanks again!

    In a perfect world we all would have one of each in the garage...BUT if just one, I'd go with the x1.

    As for modifications take a look on youtube. Theres a great guy, el34xyz, also a member here, that is generous enough to keep the community up to date and in the know on improvements he has made on his x1. Bravo EL34XYZ!

    Personally, I really like both and may end up with one of each in the long run but will never ride the apex offroad (other than fire roads and similar on occasion). I would ride the tar out of it but its a work of art. It would kept looking beautiful!

    As the previous poster stated, you can get your fill of exercise on any ebike according to level of pedal assist.


    • JunzyMSFT
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      Thank you for your input! I started watching these videos to get myself prepared! I think I'll go with the X1, seems it's a good entry bike, and then I may "upgrade" to the Apex once I understand more how I frequently I will using the bikes :)

    as an X1 owner if you are thinking of commuting then get the Apex. The Apex has a wonderful top speed. X1 is a hardcore trail climbing bike that does that very well. The X1 is geared slow on the street with wide tires when it comes to street commuting. But if you are doing more single track than city streets get the X1.


      My X1 does OK in the occasional sandbar, but I don't think I'd take it to the beach. My fat tire (unpowered) does a lot better, but suffers when I can't keep up with it. My fat-trike with a BBS02 kicks @$$ in the deep, deep sand. :) I commute ~20 mi each way on the X1... it has issues as mentioned but with a 40t front sprocket and the 10t unlocked on the cassette, I cruise easily at around 26-27 mph. It can go faster too; hell I had it up to 28 mph on the 32t front - pedaling like crazy though. I've been looking at the 'Tetrarack M1' from Topeak for a front mounted rack w/ bag and a seat mounted bottle-cage mount adapter.

      As far as 40ts go: I had the snail. I've heard good things about amber-bikes ( and velo-soto (

      I really like the X1, but for my purposes I prolly shouda waited for the Apex (I need those fat tires; the 2.8s on the X1 don't cut it when I ride with my dogs).
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        The Apex is the perfect ebike for picking up women for any man suffering through a midlife crisis. Just tool around town on this beast and you will look and feel like a superman.