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    Luna Fat Galaxy

    Kinda surprised there doesn't seem to be much talk here about this bike. Looks really interesting and reasonably priced. For sure you are getting a ton more than you would form any of the big brands and looks on par with other BBSHD builders like Bolton.

    Anyone have one? Anyone consider one but went another direction?

    Also be curious to hear some of what went into designing a bike for a BBS from the start. As we all know there are a lot of frames that just don't work with a BBS. I would like to see what details are different about this design to make the BBS work better. I notice in the specs it comes with a eclipse 42 but the photos look to maybe be the 48? Could you even design a fat bike that used a cassette that didn't require a big offset ring like an eclipse? Seems like if you were designing the thing from scratch you could and would want it so you could use the smaller rings if you wanted to. I suppose in this case with the Eagle which is what a 50 or 52? you don't really need to consider a 36 or 30 up front or do you?

    Originally posted by 73Eldo View Post
    I notice in the specs it comes with a eclipse 42 but the photos look to maybe be the 48?
    In the pics, I see a two-piece Eclipse 42 in silver and a one-piece Luna Eclipse 40 in black.

    I don't know how wide you'd have to go rear hub wise to accommodate no dish, small tooth count chain rings on a (I'd guess 100mm motor) and end up with a mid-cassette chain line - 190-200mm or so, maybe?

    Click image for larger version

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      I have a fairly low res monitor so looking at every photo the way their site works is kinda a pain so maybe there are different ones in different photos. I think it was the first photo I could see a decent gap between the gear case and ring. On my Lekkie 42 there isn't much of a gap there. Don't know what the Luna one looks like in person yet because UPS has decided to taunt be by telling me my package has been literally sitting 3 miles away from me since 4pm on Thursday but they are not going to bring it to me till sometime before 9pm Monday. Sooooo cloooossssseeeee I can smell it but gonna have to ride the stock 46 again today that doesn't have enough offset for me to use 1st gear. Its those issues (offset, not UPS) that make me wonder what is different when you design a frame from scratch for a BBS.


        I don't think Luna designed that frame. I think they have designed a few frames, or at least had strong influence on them - such as the Apex and the Apollo. The Galaxy frame looks like a off the shelf aluminum frame with tubular chain stays. If it was a BBS-tailored design, I'd expect to see, among things, a flat stock right-hand chain stay - something like this:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	flat chain stay.PNG Views:	0 Size:	345.6 KB ID:	116255

        Flatten, elevate or drop the chain stay - anything to get it out of the way of the reduction gear and the chain ring. Also, I wouldn't have bothered running the control cables inside the frame and the motor cables on the outside - with zip ties around the tube no less (no cable mount points).

        Regarding the Galaxy, note they're selling the pedal bike - probably how a container-full comes in, then Luna one by one takes them from there.

        I don't mean any of the above as a knock against Luna - they provide innovative, well priced products.
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          The flat bar seems to be pretty common for aluminum frames these days or at least it seems like every aluminum bike I have looked this summer was that way.

          I don't remember who or know who else but I recently saw a review of a frame were the chainstay was up high enough to clear at least a 30t ring. It went pretty much horizontal then the drop out really dropped. Besides thinking BBS mid drive I was thinking belt drive......


            Now that I got my Eclipse 42 I do believe that that is what is in the photos. There does seem like there is a lot of space there that is especially obvious they way the slots are cut. The Lekkie the slots don't go out that far and there is more of a taper in theirs as it starts its offset so it doesn't look as big.