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Trying to find Luna X1 battery case or complete battery

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    Trying to find Luna X1 battery case or complete battery

    I am on the hunt for an X1 battery case so I can build my own battery - I've tried approaching Dengfu, etc but no luck. Sourcing a new battery is also hard - but i'd do that if its the only option. Does anyone have any leads?

    You might look at the $360 battery, or the $45 case option at the link below. This 'seems' to be along the lines of what you're looking for and it is in an actual store format, so appears to be "for sale" and/or a purchasable item. Though the $270 shipping seems a little steep - possibly something which could be negotiated with the seller.

    Might even be something to try a 'group buy' on, as I have noticed other threads of people looking for replacement or second batteries. Though the downside, it appears "quantities are limited" (5) and shipping just multiplies as the quantity goes up.


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      Super helpful - unfortunately they stated they have no battery boxes in stock...

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      The bottom of the page says "If you want Motor or battery, pls contact us firstly, then we will quote the best prices to you soon"

      I just reach out to get a quote. I'll let you know what replies I get.

      I asked for battery case kit, or a built battery.

      Not sure if you already did this, but I thought it would be worth trying.


    Has anyone got a response on whether the battery cases are available from the aliexpress link?


      I’ve tried multiple times - and i get a firm “No” from the supplier.


        I did also reach out to Dengfu through AliExpress. They will not send a battery, nor a case to anyone who is not already a customer of theirs directly (I.E. Since we bought the bike through Luna, we are NOT their customer)

        They DID say if we bought at least 1 frame, we could ask for as many extra batteries with the frame order as we wanted.

        Does anyone want to go in on a frame/battery order??


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