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    Hey all,
    I've seen a lot of posts about the X1 but not too much about the apollo...
    Lets change that.
    • What tips do you have for the apollo or apollo owner?
    • Have you made any changes to it?
    • How do you wash/maintenance yours?
    • Any stories?
    • Whatever
    • Etc

    As for me, I just recently started riding mine and its been a blast! The only changes I've considered is a taller seat post. Power is plentiful and the ride is quite nimble.
    You got an apollo? Share something about it!

    I'm new here but have a few lines, I just got a apollo and am having trouble changing modes and understanding how to change the display. Any input would be appreciated! My Luna x1 is almost self explanatory but I have not found how to change modes and program the apollo. Thanks


      It seems pretty self explanatory to me? I haven't tried to do anything to it other than ride the bike out from the box so I have no input on programing it. But here's the simple rundown that I have used:
      Red simply turns it on and off
      Green changes the power mode between 0-5
      Blue changes between different information (range, trip, max speed, etc)
      The light changes between 2 brightness's
      Click image for larger version  Name:	luna controls.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.29 MB ID:	142499 Click image for larger version  Name:	luna display.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.21 MB ID:	142500

      Thats as much as I know about the controls...

      Perhaps your buttons or some other hardware is the issue?


        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2407 2.jpg
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Size:	1.83 MB
ID:	146371 I just got an Apollo a few weeks ago. Bought from a guy in Texas, in his 60's who was afraid of it. It only had 24 miles on the Odo so I consider it almost new. (I'm from California) I have changed out every component on the bike that you are able to short of the Cranks and the Rear Brakes. The cranks were commissioned by Bafang to meet a specific Chain Line and I guess no one else makes anything similar I guess.. The SRAM Rear Caliper is mounted on the Chain Stay instead of the Seat stay where it belongs so there is less than a1/16" clearance of the chain stay and my choice of Hope Brake 4-piston/Tech 3 levers simply won't fit. My the XTR's Calipers might be slim enough, I have yet to check them out.

        I really wanted Hope Brakes because of their performance and adjustability while riding, Lever Reach and Bite Point of the pads. I'm an ol Motocross racer from clear back to the 60's! So I'm not uncomfortable with the Apollo's Ultra Bafang power. The gent I bought it from has never ridden MC's. I had not got a new bike since the 90's when I used to race Mt Bikes...actually started racing in the mid-80s.

        My Ventana race bikes weighed 22 lbs and so getting a bike said to weigh 60 lbs was a real eye opener. I have shed some bike weight since I bought it with the new components I replaced the stock ones with.

        Though I have been to the forum before I guess I have never checked to see if there was a specific Apollo post to chime in with.

        I just really love my new bike as I said my first new one in quite a while. I'm learning how to eBike though I put over 100 miles on the clock so far. Mostly fire roads, little single track so far. If the weather holds tomorrow I hope to go to a different spot to get some single track.

        My next replacement will be to move the throttle over to the right side ala MC style and replace the Thumb throttle with a Twist grip...again ala MC style.

        Since these bikes are almost impossible to get, I did have a X-1 on order from Luna, when the previous owner finally logged on to this site to see that I was offering to buy his bike. Luna was gracious enogh to let me cancel the order


          [QUOTE=crunch;n142392]I'm new here but have a few lines, I just got a apollo and am having trouble changing modes and understanding how to change the display. Any input would be appreciated! My Luna x1 is almost self explanatory but I have not found how to change modes and program the apollo. Thanks[/QUOTE

          Hey Crunch,

          Just jump on YouTube and search for Bafang Display....(you can dang near find out about anything you to need to from YouTube. To switch between Normal and Sport modes just continue to press the + button. Though is seems there is no difference in performance that I have found.



            Thats a good looking bike with all those add ons Larry! And yeah at a certain point I feel like motorcycle experience should be required to ride some of these bikes. I've been riding motorcycles for quite a few years and i seem to be so much more comfortable on my apollo than most.

            As a side question here:
            Does anyone have any recommendations for a way to transport an apollo if i have a regular sedan type car? Should i get some sort of hitch bike rack, a trunk carrier, take the wheels off and throw them in the trunk, etc.


            • LarryMagoo
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              Hey Midnight,

              Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it! We oughta get a topic going on MTBR...a lot better than this site with great active members who post on all types of topics. I was a little bit of a shock when I got mine to see how heavy she was since my last new bike, 25 years ago was only 22 lbs.....So I'm lucky to own a Tacoma where I push it up in the bed just like my Motocross bikes of yesteryear! I even have found a cheap $25 Block & Tackle set up just to load on my bike rack just to work on her! I have spent ridiculous $$ to try and shave some weight...I got 'er down to 56 lbs...but still way more than my 26" Ventana previously mentioned that I raced Cross Country into the early 90's. I actually used a Bumper Rack for my 100cc Kawasaki Green Streak I raced MX on in the late 60's early 70's. I think maybe a hitch bike rack is your only choice...cause it's a little tough to lift that much weight and guide the thing too. That;'s the reason for my Block&Tackle set up because I cannot lift my bike with one hand while clamping the seat tube with the other....well that and I just turned 70 last Fall...
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            It's really a shame that we can't seem to get more Apollo owners to participate on this forum. It would be great to get other owners opinions on all aspects of this models ownership and ride characteristics!