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    Thanks for you posts rtp
    Got my first real ride in also ,13 miles single track up and down steep trails,the bike preformed awesome!
    Was with two friends who were on turbo levos,in turbo mode I didn't need go above PAS 4 (Have bike in 9 power levels)
    End of ride 47% left on battery, turbo levos were also around that ,but I am sure I was using more power!
    Already changed the seat ,going to change dropper post,I need more than 100mm because steep trails here and I am hitting seat on my way to back of bike on downhills,
    Agree way more natural feeling than my BBSHD,love having the torque sensing, no more ghost pedaling ,and not having to worrying about hitting the engine on drops.


    • rtp
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      May eventually do the same and replace with longer travel dropper…it’s not bad but wouldn’t mind being able to go all the way down to the tube. What are you thinking of replacing it with?

      Any chance you swapped off with one of the Levos? Would be curious of your and their thoughts if so.
      I’m sure their battery capacity is less so am sure you’re right about using less power. Did you use the app to set profile? I’m not sure how the profiles and PAS levels inter-relate.
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    Floating Rotors on the X2
    I know at least Magura and Hope make floating rotors and believe both Shimano and SRAM do as well. There's nothing inherently wrong with the rotor coming on the X2, but I wanted a bit of dress-up and the SRAM rotors in general are known to get pretty noisy, so why not?

    This is not a plug and play install. (just a heads-up - it's also not a big deal).
    Floating rotors may go onto some bikes without issue, but on others some filing may be required. The issue is the 'rivet' holding the rotor inner and disc together adds a tiny mount of thickness to the overall rotor width and may rub, or in some cases, even block wheel/rotor movement. This is fairly easily remedied via filing the contact point - which is usually in the caliper mount or the caliper bracket. It's worth loosening the caliper brackets and engaging the lever a few times, then holding it down and re-tightening - spin the wheel if able to, but if not, it will still help to center everything, which will help to make sure you're not taking off excessive material - it should need very little material removed, just a bit more than the added width on one side from the rivet, and it's worth confirming where exactly it is rubbing or binding. A flat file with the wheel removed makes pretty short work of this, although you may wind up fitting the wheel, testing, removing, filing more etc. a couple of times.

    Pics below showing both sides, with the red box showing the interference area. Note in the second pic, only the (now) silver caliper bracket is what needed to be filed a bit.. the black bracket didn't need to be touched.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_26007.jpg
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    Click image for larger version  Name:	FrontBrakeFilingClearance.jpg Views:	0 Size:	282.5 KB ID:	145435


      Hey Guys,

      so got around to adjusting the seat post height, was pretty straight forward, then adjusted the cockpit controls once i had the seat set. Its currently raining out so no chance for a quick ride.

      I also go the VESC tool installed on my phone and connected with the bike....the GUI didn't look super straight forward so i didn't mess with anything...hoping someone comes up with a X2 'VSEC for dummies' tutorial for messing with settings (looking at you RTP and Marcos :P ).

      Question: i notice a couple posts mentioning 9 PAS levels for the do you change from the stock 5 PAS settings to 9?

      thanks all!
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      • Sammy53
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        Hi, I swapped out the stock display for an 860C. In that display your able to have 3,5,& 9 assist levels. Also, it's much easier to read with polarized sunglasses.

      • rtp
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        The stock display is finr for me and supports the same # of pas levels:

      Originally posted by Nebakanezzar View Post
      Hey Guys,

      so got around to adjusting the seat post height, was pretty straight forward, then adjusted the cockpit controls once i had the seat set. Its currently raining out so no chance for a quick ride.

      I also go the VESC tool installed on my phone and connected with the bike....the GUI didn't look super straight forward so i didn't mess with anything...hoping someone comes up with a X2 'VSEC for dummies' tutorial for messing with settings (looking at you RTP and Marcos :P ).

      Question: i notice a couple posts mentioning 9 PAS levels for the do you change from the stock 5 PAS settings to 9?

      thanks all!
      No VESC connected for me yet (well kinda, I can use and play with it with phone sitting next to controller) - hopefully resolved when I have a new phone coming on Wed. I have years of experience tuning programmable ECUs for cars and have worked in similar spaces in tech, but Marcos is the man. :) I've got a few added Qs in the LudiV2 thread myself but hopefully will be sorting them once I get a stable connection.

      On the power levels - go into the Bafang display settings (press +/- together at the same time on the b/w display), and settings. There's something for 'power levels' or similar, and you can cycle it between 3, 5 and 9 levels, then save it, and the controller will map to those, although you can's change the power or settings for each level without the app/VESC. I think it's originally set for 5 levels but someone elsewhere was saying they weren't seeing any power on levels 1 and 2 of 9, so I changed it to 9 and just sort of left it there. With 9 levels set, each level is progressively adding another 11% per level to max torque. You can confirm by quick tapping the 'power' button on the bars - this will cycle through the bottom line on the display across various options like trip odo, etc. - I set mine to 'power' and then you can both see the motor response to your pedaling as well as motor Watts.

      If you have the B/W display under the bars, someone wrote up a manual of sorts for it in the big X1 thread. Here's the link to that (and again, note wheel size and speed limit in Bafang display will read as 0 - it's fine, they're set in VESC/the controller).


      • UncleJesse
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        FYI.... I have a 2020 model Samsung Note 20 Ultra and an X-2. It will only stay connected with the app as long as the phone is directly beside the motor. When I take it away from the motor and try to mount it on the handle bar it loses connection. While it is connected it does allow programming of the ride parameters. Very nice to have that ability. I wish it stayed connected so I could see the motor temperature.

      • marcos
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        I think rtp's bluetooth issue is not going to get fixed with a new phone, to me it sounds like an antenna problem and I want to see what happened in there, I saw 3 reports of BT not reaching well the handlebar

      Great info! Thanks RTP!


        Thanks for the response!


          going with KS rage i dropper post 150mm, not first choice but seems to be supply shortage and price was right
          both my friend rode x2 they loved it and were amazed by power.
          I am familiar with turbo levo wife has 1, great bike but no throttle and cannot mod and after my BBSHD with Luni controller could not see myself with "standard ebike"
          Set pas on bafang display also reset trip on bafang display shows up on app on bottom in tiny numbers ,not on bafang display


            rtp just wondering how tall your wife is and how she fit/felt on the medium frame.


            • rtp
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              She’s 5’7-5’8, ~125#. I dropped the seat and she raised it a bit while riding. Didn’t do a detailed fit but overall it was fine. No issue on standover although she may have leaned a bit. Coming from the Gazelle she immediately noticed the bar width but that would be with any MTB. She rode it 3 miles or so and seemed fine. Possible if we were fitting it for her might rotate the bars a bit or swap them for ones with a bit more rear sweep but initial thought was nothing a few mins adjusting seat and maybe a bar swap wouldn’t sort.

            • Steelsnow
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              Good info, thanks. My wife is 5’51/2” and I am leaning towards an M for her per Luna’s sizing chart (5’5” cut line from S to M) and her preference for stability over maneuverability - however, she does not like riding hunched over road bike style. I am pretty sure she would fit well on an S as well but hard to tell best fit without having her in the actual saddle.
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            Did more Blue tooth experimentation
            Galaxy A11trac phone
            will stay connected on right side of handle bars and in my new middle position, as soon as I put on left start losing bluetooth signal
            ulephone note 6
            will not stay connected ,crap phone do not buy.
            USB will charge phone
            Any way to get Luna Vesc app thur USB?

            link to phone holder:
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            • marcos
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              ha you too discovered that fantastic place to mount the phone, I love it. Left side of the handlebar is tricky.

              No way to connect over USB and spin the motor at the same time...

            • rtp
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              Cool mount - what is it? I've got a small bag in same spot with clear top for phone and it's ok, but as I plan on throwing the toolkit in a hydration pack, wouldn't mind something like that...

            Phone holder for jogging


              Lol, ordered!


                Just confirmed, at least my X2 came with 170mm cranks. I kept looking down at my ground clearance during my weekend long ride, but had assumed they were shipping with the short cranks.


                • carlb4u
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                  170mm seem to be fine for x2 got about 15 -20 miles of single track haven't had pedal strike yet

                A bit more misc bits.
                I tried to polish out the frame scuffs (see earlier pics) - the good news is I don't think the carbon fiber is scratched or damaged. The bad/.annoying news is I think Dengfu paint is kind of crap - am thinking they touched something to the bike during painting while it was still wet. I'm going to ignore it unless Luna says otherwise, although I'd gladly take a store credit of some kind.. ;)

                Out of box:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	FrameScuff-web.jpg
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ID:	145640
                Polished a bit by hand:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	FrameScuff-Polished.jpg
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ID:	145641


                  I did a bit of general cleanup - picked up some MuckyNuts MugGuard minis.
                  After seeing how much grit was sitting on the rear suspension pivot area, I wanted to find a fender that would block that area off at least somewhat.
                  Meanwhile on the front, basically we get random rain at times and I never really know where I might wind up on some rides, so might as well add in at least some protection from blasting puddles, hitting muddy areas, etc.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	NastySuspensionArea.jpg
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Size:	1.76 MB
ID:	145645

                  The front was pretty straight forward. They ship with some pretty soft and decent velcro so just used that as is.

                  The rear - not so much. Here's what the Minis look like:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	MugGuardMini.jpg
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Size:	1.62 MB
ID:	145651

                  Slid into position, looks pretty good for keeping crap off the suspension pivot areas, but could be longer to stop spraying my back...
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	RearFenderMocked.jpg
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ID:	145647

                  The fender just barely comes into contact with the chain on the largest sprocket, so had to do some minor surgery. Will see if it leads to cracks or not - I thought about using a heat gun but my heat gun isn't here and going riding this weekend, so... will see how it holds up.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	RearFenderChainClearance.jpg
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ID:	145643

                  Had to mark for some new holes as well, so put it into position and just marked with a sharpie, then drilled a pair of holes. Used the velcro for seat stay attachment and put some laminate/frame protector on the backside of the seatstays, and seat stay cross-member, and used zip-ties to the cross-member.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	RearFenderMarked.jpg
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ID:	145650 Click image for larger version

Name:	RearFenderDrilled.jpg
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ID:	145646 Click image for larger version

Name:	RearFenderReadyToInstall.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	FendersIntalled.jpg
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                  You can see some of the laminate in this pic - not my best job there, but functional anyways... both where the fender attaches to the cross-member, and down on the chainstay tucking into my protector..
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	SuspensionAreaLaminate.jpg
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ID:	145648


                    I did a bit more laminate while I was working on the bike. This stuff is OK to work with, but I wish I had the frame apart, a heat gun on hand, and may try spraying some soap and water next time for better positioning. It didn't came out perfect, but came out functional anyways.

                    Besides the suspension pivot area, the next dirtiest areas are the bottom tube and chain stays themselves. I'll probably still do at least right above and below the battery cover on the downtime, and the bottoms of the chainstay on both sides.

                    As I planned to cover the entire underside of the top tube, I first cut measured and cut a length of 3M laminate, then trimmed for width. There is an angle on the bottom tube and battery cover, and I wanted to go up the angle but not beyond it to the vertical surfaces, and also not quite to the edge or it'll wind up snagging and peeling over time. Once I cut for width, I cut out the length for the battery cover, again, allowing 1-2mm or so on the ends, as I don't want to snag and peel it when I'm removing/inserting the battery cover.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Laminate-BatteryCoverPrepared.jpg
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ID:	145653

                    And this is where I kinda screwed up. Films are always a magnet for fingers and prints - I both should have thrown on a pair of Latex gloves, and maybe gone long on the laminate for the first edge down, then cut off the 'fingerprint area,' but came out OK, positioned right, and functional. I also wish it were more matte than shiny. Once laid down, I carefully cut out for the latch and the latch screws.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Laminate-BatteryCoverDone.jpg
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Size:	210.1 KB
ID:	145654

                    The shine and light look worse than it does in place - again, not my best job on this type of stuff, but should be functional.