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  • Nebakanezzar
    Hey RTP,

    let me know how raising your seat goes.

    i tried to raise mine a few inches, but when i sat on the seat the dropper went down, i lowered the seat back and the dropper worked fine again...looks like the cable is too short. I've been watching a few YouTube vids on seat post adjustment but would love to see what you find before i start taking shit apart, lol.

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  • Steelsnow
    I saw that PAS breakdown chart before, do you know what default level your x-2 was shipped in? Ludi v2 has three in the app screenshots I have seen (street, trail and ludicrous)

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  • rtp
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    Thanks; I promise I'm not a spammer. :)

  • paxtana
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  • rtp
    paxtana Your forum software flagged one of my posts in this thread as a possible spammer, can you pls 'approve' it? I wrote some stuff up to make sure I posted offline, so guessing it's in pasted text then short time to hit submit etc. or something..

    Second still short ride
    I won't be able to install the app until the new phone arrives, but someone somewhere had mentioned it seemed like L1 and L2 were 'needing work' when set on 9 assist levels (can set to 3, 5 or 9 via display). I needed to get a second ride in anyways, although it's 40* here, so set it to 9 levels, and set the bottom display line to read power (can cycle through modes once display is on by tapping power button), and gave a quick run through the gears. L1 seemed to be set around 150W, L2 250W, L3 350W or more, and L9 saw up over 1kW, on reasonably flat grounds. Not saying these are exact #s, as the app and VESC tool are the way to get the real ones, but it seems programmed 'reasonably and progressively' out of the box on the L2 IMO.

    I was able to reasonably easy pedal (no throttle) up to around 30mph display-indicated on flat ground, and felt like was not 'ghost pedaling' like on the BBSHD. I can probably get a bit more with higher cadence and not freezing outside.. ;) I had thought I might want to go up to a 40 or 42T chainring, but now I'm not so sure it's needed. This was on a brief L9 stint, so will see how it goes on lower levels on a longer ride, but the bike feels really nice so far in it's responsiveness and overall.

    ETA: Just confirming, power levels with 9 settings are indeed logical and progressive out of box in 11% increments which I thought was the case, but didn't read the actual doc, or RTFM for those that know the acronym ;)

    Click image for larger version

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  • rtp
    I had several work meetings, so unfortunately only had time to take it out for a mile, and the battery was at 51%, so wanted to at least get a quick sanity check ride on 'is anything obvious broken?'.. so just put it into L2 of 5 (can select on display between 3, 5, 9 assist levels). I have a kind of crazy driveway - winding and uphill. I ride the BBHSD normally on L2, but I put it on 9 going up the driveway and my wife who sometimes rides her Bosch/Gazelle unassisted, puts it into Turbo mode to get up the driveway...

    As soon as I put pressure on the pedal - assistance was there.
    I put the bike into L3 to see what it felt like going up the driveway from hell/hill, and it felt easier and much better than riding the BBHSD on L9.

    Ran through the gears a bit down the road before turning around, went up to only 20mph or so for now.
    I'd been concerned on sizing, but the geo, reach, bar width, etc. all felt good - pending longer shakeout ride this weekend at least. Will need to raise the seat another inch or two but that's well within the min insertion range.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't install the v2 Luna app on my purchased Android phone, possibly down to it having only 2GB of RAM, but have another phone en route.
    The frame feels pretty beefy/sturdy and the suspension linkage looks to be pretty heavy duty.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with the bike. Will reserve judgement for the longer ride running through assist modes, top speed, and some single-track, but right now ver concerns on either the frame size, general quality, or choosing the X2 over the Z1. Also can't wait to get into the app as well, a huge win versus any of the Ultra CANBUS or even other M600 options.

    ​​​​​​​More as it comes..

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  • rtp
    No t-shirt, tool kit or water bottle :( Oh well, was nice for the original X1 purchasers, and I would have used the toolkit as the tow vehicle set and left in there, but can't complain..

    The cockpit controls/layout need some help. The dropper is set on the right, throttle on the left, and the shifter is pretty tight up against the brakes.
    The brakes (G2 R) seem to be 2 finger levers with adjustability and feel pretty good, but some overall adjustment of controls is needed. I have a horizontal throttle coming and that may let me sort it, or may consider a Matchmaker type setup - TBD.

    The wheels seem to be true on quick check, maybe a couple of looser spokes but nothing drastic. Will check and tension in full on the weekend.

    I'm unsure what I think of the seat - it's a WTB seat, narrowish MTB style. Initial thought was will have to go, but will give it a few weeks and see. Plan to do a 20 mile shakeout right this weekend across single, doubletrack and a bit of road.

    I DO wish the bike had water bottle bosses...somewhere - not convinced could fit a normal sized bottle with the geo, but could use it for a small toolkit mount were one there.

    There were some 'splotches' on the bike. I'm not positive how the bike is painted - is it CF then sand, spray matter, add LUNA and X-2 then clear-coated or? Initial thought was maybe the shock or something leaked a bit of fluid, but haven't done a full clean on the bike yet.

    The battery and battery compartment - the cover has sides on it and it seems fairly tight. Not sure on X1 by comparison but there's a fair amount of aluminum up at the top of frame above the battery as well. Will take a deeper look this weekend. Battery is similar to my Samsung cell Eunorau batteries with the small handle - not sure the style name, will post dimensions and pics later. The charge socket is well 'hidden' on the non-drive-side on the frame right above the motor behind a black grommet - not gonna lie, it took me a bit to find. No LEDs on the battery or cover that I saw. What I did NOT see that I need to look again for, is a charge socket for charging the battery removed from the bike - may have missed it and will look again.

    Finally - ready to ride, and parked post ride as a joke to my wife when she came back from work... Santa brought something ;)

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  • rtp
    Assembly is a piece of cake. Seems like cables may be longer than hat I sae some X1 owners commenting on, plenty of slack to move display a bit. I dig the small display, its tucked and hidden, although ‘i wouldn’t mind a bar for watts(can set the small line to show power, plus of course phone app dashboard but I think will stay minimal except for riding plotted/mapped rides.

    Mounted the bars, and checked general torque for suspension and shock linkage, chainwheel bolts, etc. Most were indeed tight which is good - have it on list for weekend to do full round of remove/grease/loctite for piece of mind.

    I put on my set of pedals and swapped the front rotor for a Hope 200mm red floating rotor. Note - two piece rotors may rub on the calipers or mounts and may require minor filing!

    The M600 freewheel is like butter, basically zero resistance back-pedaling, etc.

    Note - there are NO spacers on the X2 versus the X1...otherwise well, I'm missing them and should have a bunch of slop in the front wheel..

    Lubed the front axle and torqued down. Aired up front fort to 110# for starters, 220# rear shock, set fork compression and rebound to middle of clicks on both for starters, bounced on the bike a bit then re-checked and aired back up to above numbers.

    Put the bike on the stand (I need to work on how to make this easier, much lighter than the BBHSD fat bike but not as nice to grab by seat post...), to check derailleur, loosened and adjusted calipers, aired tires for time being to ~24# F/R (they were at ~10PSI out of box, too low for a road run with tubes...), lubed chain.

    Derailleur was pretty dialed in as is..may fine-tune this weekend but all gears reachable and limits set to not come off on either side.

    Oh - thought I had a bum dropper at first, but suspect more like new components. Loosened seatpost clamp a bit and pulled on seat while hitting dropper lever and she popped up, adjusted height quickly (needs to come up another inch or two..tomorrow). Need to add some carbon assembly grease to the seat post - will do shortly.

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  • rtp
    Noticed after removing the strapped wheel there was a frame scuff. Not sure how honestly, as I'm not sure how it could really be packed any better other than perhaps double-boxed and 'slots' for the charger and small parts box in an insert, but there it was. Haven't tried to clean it up yet, and looks like nothing dug into the carbon fiber, thankfully.

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  • rtp
    (Forum editor is weird, can't edit and insert pics or re-order them for some reason, so gotta do multiple posts.. :-/ )
    Taking it out of the box - everything is strapped together and padded. The battery is already in the bike, while you have one box of small parts including the pedal set and 'extras' from the Yari (2 bottomless tokens), SRAM, and some reflectors. The battery charger is in another box, while there's also a bag of black 'stickers' I originally thought was maybe frame protection but not sure quite what it is - 'touch-up' stickers?

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  • rtp
    No advance notice like FedEx claimed, but hey - it arrived! Box looked to be in decent condition, a tear but thankfully nothing looking like a forklift or pallet jack through it!

    Opening it up, it looked very well packed (vs for example, I bought a spare set of wheels from Eunorau and they looked like they were literally thrown into the box) - chain stays padded/wrapped, wheel and bars padded and ziptied, etc. My knife and scissors got a bit of a workout for a bit.. ;)

    Opening the box looked like it was really well packed..

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  • rtp
    started a topic My Ludi V2 X2

    My Ludi V2 X2

    Going to use this thread to just document info, changes, etc. as my X2 has arrived, and yeah - I already have plans for it for some changes.. ;)

    Just for some background, I grew up riding dirt bikes/motorcycles, have wrenched on cars and motorcycles most of my life, have ridden off-road (dirt bike and dual-sports) across a couple of foreign/non-US countries - not an expert, but I don't mind getting dirty or a bit of air time. My wife and I rented ebikes to do some sightseeing on an overseas trip, and as we both really liked it, got her a (used) Bosch powered Gazelle and a FS BBHSD for myself when we got back. We ride a mixture of single track, double track, and some road, with the primary goals being having together time and also getting into better shape. I'm also hoping to convince her to shift to an eMTB over time, and I'd like to get into harder single track.

    Looking around, most of the suitable bikes out there were heavy pigs, which I had one already - check the weights and make sure it's with battery, and most FS bikes with Bafang motors (can't cope with 20mph limits, although some now do 28mph limits and Orbea Wild for example would be a nice bike if it increased the limit to 28mph..) are all at, approaching, or even over 80lbs or so, many of them being fat bikes. There's the WattWagon Hydra which as an Innotrace programmable controller and an Ultra motor, with a carbon fiber frame, which should be an awesome ride, but some unknown waiting time and it can get spendy quickly. There are a few Frey models (M600, EX) which look to be pretty solid bikes, but assume 6 month wait from order, metal frames, and rather heavy, as well as no guarantee of a UART programmable Ultra motor. The Sondors Rockstar is 80#. There are others - I looked at more than 20 different (although some had same frame, minor component differences) bikes.

    I had waffled for a while between Ultra and M600, and also weight, while noting both - I LIKE power as well as programmability, but I'd moved to mostly using my BBHSD bike on level 2 of 9 for a majority of rides, so had been leaning towards the M600 option, as well as getting away from fat tire bikes (fun IMO, but already have suspension, and not beach riding in general).

    I wound up with a spreadsheet of parts to build my own, and prices. FWIW, Ultra or M600 based, I was right around $5K USD plus or minus a bit depending on paint myself vs cerakote, Pike Ultimate vs other options, etc..but was hard-pressed in current pricing + frame/motor/shipping to get much lower. I was ready after many hours of convo with China suppliers, to go order my parts, but I recalled some mention somewhere on the Luna forum for 'there may be a Black Friday surprise' and I had it in my head it was a batch of X1s, so waited...

    Had been checking Luna's site and did again on waking up Black Friday, and surprise - the Thanksgiving/black Friday. Have to say I had a bit of waffling between the Z1 and X2, but two things really drove my choice:
    1. I don't need more power even though it would be fun.
    2. The Ludi v2 is a REAL programmable controller with a solid pedigree from being associated with VESC, and Marcos has been doing controller work for a long time. This was the biggest gripe on the M600 and I can't stress it enough - if you're buying an X2, get the controller IMO.

    Again - I couldn't build the bike even with similar components, for my cost, so it was a no-brainer, although I still had more thought on frame size. There is a lot of info for the X2 frame (E10) if you google 'E10 build' but it's buried all over the place. I did comparisons to the current bike size, but of course some things like standover height and a few others were missing across the specs I had on hand. At 6' and 225-230# (hoping to go down a bit..), 32" inseam, I could find others of at least similar height saying 'definitely' L frame, and others 'definitely' Medium frame. Rolled the dice and went with Medium, thinking the side benefit is that may also let my wife ride it while I work on 'converting' her to an eMTB...eventually. Maybe. ;)

    Placed the order and the first round X2s sold out within hours, apparently the Med frames sold out first. I already had some plans for the bike, as the color scheme is kind of close to my car, which is metallic grey with black and red accents, which I've done custom on prior cars as I really dig the color ordered some Hope floating rotors with red centers, and some red and grey pedals. Meanwhile, I have a garage full of mechanic and carpentry tools but was missing some bike stuff still so started ordering to fill in my tool set (I never bring my cars to a shop so why would I ever bring a bicycle?!? :) ).

    A nice thing about the Yari (or Pike) is their internals can be upgraded to Ultimate level for a few hundred bucks. In reality, the Yari by itself is a decent enough fork, but hey - it's Xmas, so I went ahead and picked up the upgrade spring and damper, although plan to ride the bike a while with the base Yari to be able to do a real comparison and contrast.

    So - the wait began. I had no idea when they were actually shipping and figured Luna was busy enough without more 'support' tickets inbound. When a friend mentioned he got a ship notice for his Z1 ordered after me, I was wondering a bit but figured - ahh, adding Ludi controller, but in reality I had received the ship notification Nov 29th - it just got buried in BF Xmas shopping mailbox flood.

    Was going to call FedEx to make sure they scheduled a time for delivery, but they called me first and we set a time window of 3-4 hours, and they said they'd call 30 mins out. FedEx tracking is usually pretty good, but for freight it's a bit wonky - it went to 'shipment exception' which normally means they sent something to the wrong place, but that was because they noted we had an agreed on time, while progress kept saying 'in transit' even as new locations were added (versus 'location scan' or similar), but when I finally saw the name of a town 20 miles or so north, I figured it might really make it here on time.

    Misc X2 relevant resources:
    The X2 is a Dengfu E10 frame with Bafang M600 motor, with or without LudiV2 controller and either RockShox or DNM suspension. There is a ton of relevant info out there - here's my collection of links that some may find helpful..

    Luna's new customer/bike info:
    Bafang display DP C240 info:
    Various tips and videos from Luna's Seb (lead tech/mech):
    Luna X1 KB as nearly all things X1 also apply to the X2:
    Luna X2 KB (work in progress):
    Ludi V2 controller documentation, mobile app link and info:
    RockShox fork parts list. Tuning recommendations and upgrade part details lookup page (uses your forks S/N):
    (my fork in late 2021/early 2022 is a Rockshox Yari model FS-YARI-RC-B3 150mm)
    Bafang M600 dealer manual:
    Dengfu E10 frame geometry:
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